Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Blackdoghat live set, During and after

Its really nice to have guest for the radio, for a few beers and chat. The musicians also apreciate the support as well
John and Ian turned up in Ian large Landrover, bought the Acoustic guitars, with a ukulele and some chimes. They also bought Red Stipe beer, which i have never had, but pretty good (Go some left over as well :)
The guys did a mixture of well known songs and some that they have put on Soundcloud and some no so known ones
It was a nice chilled Saturday night, but of a chat and having a laugh.
Its the first time i had met, John, as i hage talked to him on Skype before, but never talked or met Ian. Always great to meet musicians, whom you have played songs from. We helped the guys book a B&B as they decided to do that at the last minute. Thanks to Jan, who runs the Hanwell House B&B in Banbury (Not that for from us)  for doing that. She had literally just finished changing a room round when we turned up
The broadcast stream was all over the place for the first hour, no idea why that was, even after a reboot. I recorded on other software as a backup and good job i did. Although the stream was fine for the second hour.

We managed to film the whole performance. This just just two songs for the moment

After the guys left, they went out and then went to the B&B to the last few hour of their stay in Banbury

The day after,, checking the content i had recorded. The video was naturally good quality, but the audio was stunning.  The Cannon compact camera which we have has a fantasic microphone on it. Captures everything

Dj Readman-  Radio Variety Show

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