Tuesday, 23 April 2013

(Ep Review) Ashbuey Keys - Wake Up EP

With the rolling drum opening of Swimmer, this is great introduction to some American Rock
Wake Up as an, R.E.M, sound.  This is an  Acoustic song, more lade back, very nice cruising song, then the guitars kick in.
Then it goes up a gear with, Oh My God, slight Punk edge regarding the lyric tone, with the heavier guitar riffs.

With, Hero, and, Break, they band have a nice ep with a great guitar riffs, fine vocals and well produced ep.  The ep is nothing outlandishly fresh, but its nice to listen to and great release package from the band

International Pop Overthrow in England

The band are coming over from the states this year to peform at the IPO event, which is a music festival every year at the Liverpool Cavern

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