Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Return of the Weekly Preview and new format

The "Weekly Preview" was designed to preview music that i have been sent by labels, promoters, artists before the live radio stream on the same week.  Being video, i wanted it to be a visual presentation of the music. Only two ways you can be "Visual", be on screen, reading and showing images, or  clips of videos from artists, or footage, representing their sound.

From November, i returned after having a break, with a "Montage" format. This is editing together music video clips form bands, or related with an audio commentary track from me

                                            Even when i am talking, you can still hear the music

                                      Below, is the original format, with mainly me on camera.

                      The format, will stay in the montage format. All videos now in HD
I will still appear. The format will be mixing the two formats up slightly, with gearing towards the video segments

Get in touch djreadmanuk@gmail.com or if you prefer
Facebook and Pm that oyu found this blog
Twitter and DM if that you found this blog

Sunday, 9 November 2014

RVS Open Show Promotion on Youtube ( Official Blog)

I love music and finding different promotions, or extenting them in other directions from what is currently available

The Open Show Promotion show was created for my audio streaming on Music World Radio.  I then began the Weekly preview series and then ,you begin to get ideas

The Visual Open Show Promotion
I changed the format with my, The format is in a full video and commentary format, although, there might be an onscreen introduction by me on some

Starting from late 2014
Corridors - Alternative Rock
From Tele Vvi, Isreal, one of the most diverse albums, The Motion of the Wheels, i have heard for a while.

January 2015
Voodoo Sex Cult - Hard Rock, Arizona
Album,: A Year and a Day

Fabulous album by the hard Rock act, Sold production work and screach guitars,won me over
There is a studio track, which is actually the same as the song on the video, but the sound is too distorted on the video
Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show

Weekly Preview vlog ( video blog)

I began a weekly video series to preview the music i received form artists and what i am playing in general on weekly radio shows.s

Monthly Open Show Artists being added
From video blog ( vlog ) 18 i am adding the Open Show Promotion artist. This is showing an merchandise and playing two songs ( One song on the above video) from the artist. The same songs will be played on the show following the video

New format
From, November 2014, i have changed the a "Montage" format Here


Rerelease the original films??

General overview of the situation
This has been on my mind for some time.  I have seen a few documentries on restoring films on Youtube recently. Some from big companies and some from Independents. I know some films that have been restored, have had a re runs in cinemas, but why does this not happen more often?
I know. Universal and some of the other big film studio are now, finally taking action to clean up and restore films. Back in the black and white era especially, restoring film was not part of the film industry system. After films were shown or copied and sent abroad to be seen, they just got thrown in the rubbish bin, litterally
This is  what the industry should be doing more and are now doing, The other side of this is not re releasing film, but remaking them, even with films that are not that old, rebooting. This is the worse area they have come up with. Saying that, the only films it has worked on so far is Star Trek, but thats not rebooting films, as they are not remakes.
Remakes are taking the original film, Take the original, A Nightmare on Elm Street and remaking it. Yes, they remade, Elm Street. Why, you ask?? in this case, there is no need for it. There have been a number of remakes over the years, in fact, this is not a new concept.

Their reasoning??

This is a pure guess on my part.  Take, Elm Street or Halloween for example. The only reason i can think of ,or excuse the film companys have, for remaking a film, is because of fresh faces on screen. Many original film are well over 30 years old and of course actors age, either, no great or well. When they re release a film from say, the early 90s, they have to promote it to some degree, and of course, with the original actors, if they can. This is the only reason i can things of that film companys remake films

My solution

I know this has been done on a limit basis with some films. They have been cleaned up and released in cinemas for anniversarys. This is seriously the best idea with all films, that have been cleaned up. The best example, is Jaws, which was recently, cleaned up and given a 7.1 surround sound system overhaul. This could be re released in cinemas and make money. I honestly, don't know why film companys don't do this more often. Some films, lets say, Back to the Future, i would like to see on the big screen, as i didn't first time around. I believe, Pulp Fiction had a cinema run again recently, as its the 20th Anniversary or something. Again, another film, i didn't go and see at the time

What do you think, more films cleaned up and rereleased???
Comments below

Dj Readman

Drag : Compendium Tales of Tales, Regarding Body and Mind

Couldn't remember the album title by memory? not yet ;) had to look at the album sleeve.
Drag, an awsome, Punk, outfit from Birmingham, England.
Though a Kickstart Project, they managed to produce and even make extra copies of their new album. I bought mine through the net and this is what i heard.

I have always liked,  Punk,  music and Drag, are no exception. These guys have raw power on stage and bring it to the studio. The album is full of great straight down the line, Punk, no, Indie Punk, just Punk
I like the fact that on most songs, the tempo changes frequently,  Neurotica, opens the album and holds up the pace, well, the pace never lets up. When listening to the album, its sounds like Heather, is throwing herself around the room,  like she does on stage. Both drummers ( Like the fact Si, their previous drummer is credited), do an awsome job in time and Velma uses her guitar like a rocket launcher. Danny Boy is the only ballad on the album, starts slow, then speeds up, which i have seen live. Gives you a breather, for the next onslaught
You can heard everything clearly, well produced and all within the Birmingham area, including the artwork
I have been waiting for this album and it does not disappoint
The only downside, is that i could not get it sooner, as i had trouble with the Kickstaters system.
All 9 song, pure punk. I excepted nothing less.
All i can add, is get a copy before they run out


Thursday, 6 November 2014

Radio Variety Show Patron Campaign

Yes, i have decided, to see how this goes.
The website allows you to build up a followng with monthly subscription.
I love music, love radio presenting, people like my interview technique and i film bands at gigs
This, of course, takes time and money. Thats the reality
The "RVS brand" as i call it, needs its own budget and with that, comes pledges and levels
At the moment, this is what i am offering. This may change with getting permission from musicans

Interview of guests
All footage of bands i film and radio guests
All audio of bands performance
Weekly Radio shows ( This has got to be looked at further)
CD with interview if prefered to digital download
CD or DVD of band footage
Promo CDs before they are released (Got to look into this)
All names mentioned mentioned on each Weekly Preview video i do
More idea may come to me and time passes. The audio from show and video is what i offer many.

Pledge amounts ,rough version
Although i upload videos to youtube, in this case, some things i produce will be for patrons only, or variations, for audio

£1 Your name mentioned in weekly preview videos and at the end

£2   As above, plus your website, Facebook etc link, which will displayed on screen
on each video

£5   As above and website link and logo on website

£10  All above plus special audio track explaining what is coming in the next show ( For this audio has to be different to the visual )

£12.50 All Above and Preview video sent to you with an added video introduction to you

£15.All  above, plus a4 colout poster of Radio Variety Show

£25  All the above, plus a special music Independent music compilation of songs you have heard on my radio shows in plastic wallet

£30. All above and compilation in jewel case

£40  All above and one song from video footage

£50 All above and whole set from previous videos shot and future

£60 All above and an audio interview cut from a show

The main eventers

£100 All four shows from each month. These will be as broadcast.

Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Haloween 2014 Radio Show

Yes, it is that time of the year again. Halloween is upon, us. One of the biggest celebrations of the year. The annual tradition of broadcasting live on radio, since i started in a presenter format in 2008
I decided to broadcast a, Halloween show, to celebrate the haunting quality sounds, or no this years ago, haunting, rebelious sounds of PUNK

This year, is slightly different. We have new poster, going to have a new opening theme and slightly later than normal, Friday 14th November

New and classic songs, from the great Punk bands of the day and ones that are shining bright
Why Punk, well Punk, is a rebelious attitude, which, in a round about sort of way, is what the attitude of Halloween is about. Washing away evil spirits, or, Day of the Dead, as its known in, Mexico

Due to moving everything has been delays in videos and live broadcasts

Thankyou for reading, Halloweeners
DJ Readman