Sunday, 9 November 2014

Rerelease the original films??

General overview of the situation
This has been on my mind for some time.  I have seen a few documentries on restoring films on Youtube recently. Some from big companies and some from Independents. I know some films that have been restored, have had a re runs in cinemas, but why does this not happen more often?
I know. Universal and some of the other big film studio are now, finally taking action to clean up and restore films. Back in the black and white era especially, restoring film was not part of the film industry system. After films were shown or copied and sent abroad to be seen, they just got thrown in the rubbish bin, litterally
This is  what the industry should be doing more and are now doing, The other side of this is not re releasing film, but remaking them, even with films that are not that old, rebooting. This is the worse area they have come up with. Saying that, the only films it has worked on so far is Star Trek, but thats not rebooting films, as they are not remakes.
Remakes are taking the original film, Take the original, A Nightmare on Elm Street and remaking it. Yes, they remade, Elm Street. Why, you ask?? in this case, there is no need for it. There have been a number of remakes over the years, in fact, this is not a new concept.

Their reasoning??

This is a pure guess on my part.  Take, Elm Street or Halloween for example. The only reason i can think of ,or excuse the film companys have, for remaking a film, is because of fresh faces on screen. Many original film are well over 30 years old and of course actors age, either, no great or well. When they re release a film from say, the early 90s, they have to promote it to some degree, and of course, with the original actors, if they can. This is the only reason i can things of that film companys remake films

My solution

I know this has been done on a limit basis with some films. They have been cleaned up and released in cinemas for anniversarys. This is seriously the best idea with all films, that have been cleaned up. The best example, is Jaws, which was recently, cleaned up and given a 7.1 surround sound system overhaul. This could be re released in cinemas and make money. I honestly, don't know why film companys don't do this more often. Some films, lets say, Back to the Future, i would like to see on the big screen, as i didn't first time around. I believe, Pulp Fiction had a cinema run again recently, as its the 20th Anniversary or something. Again, another film, i didn't go and see at the time

What do you think, more films cleaned up and rereleased???
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Dj Readman

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