Sunday, 9 November 2014

RVS Open Show Promotion on Youtube ( Official Blog)

I love music and finding different promotions, or extenting them in other directions from what is currently available

The Open Show Promotion show was created for my audio streaming on Music World Radio.  I then began the Weekly preview series and then ,you begin to get ideas

The Visual Open Show Promotion
I changed the format with my, The format is in a full video and commentary format, although, there might be an onscreen introduction by me on some

Starting from late 2014
Corridors - Alternative Rock
From Tele Vvi, Isreal, one of the most diverse albums, The Motion of the Wheels, i have heard for a while.

January 2015
Voodoo Sex Cult - Hard Rock, Arizona
Album,: A Year and a Day

Fabulous album by the hard Rock act, Sold production work and screach guitars,won me over
There is a studio track, which is actually the same as the song on the video, but the sound is too distorted on the video
Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show

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