Monday, 17 June 2013

Talking about vlondon on radio tonight 8-10pm Music World Radio

As well as some great music, i will be talking about the vlondon meet up from Saturday 15th June.
I have another lengthy blog about this and its faster to put up blogs than vlogs, although i love doing vlogs.

Tonight on Music World Radio  i will be talking about, the afternoon. Since my head is still spinning from it, it will be one of the topics.  I will be talking about it and play some audio at 8.30pm.
I have audio from the meeting, which will be broadcast live on the show and end up on the podcast, which is just the show and as it was broadcast on , mixcloud

Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Among the Echos gig at the Flapper in August...we will be intervewing them :)

Among the Echoes Gig at the Flapper, Birmingham

On August 17th,  me and Rhonda are attending the Among the Echos gig, at the Flappee in Birmingham. I thought, this time, lets have a chat with the band, The Frappe is right next to the canal.  We can sit outside, have a few beers and record an interview. I asked Ian, the front man, about doing a band interview at the gig.

Broadcasting live

It would be cool it broadcast the interview live on radio. Will have to see whether or not wifi is available and my phone is upto the task


This goes back before i did radio. When i ran a short lived printed magazine, i used to audio record interview with bands. If broadcasting live is not possible, then prerecording it will be. This will be audio ad video

We shall find out and this will be vlogged in due course. vlogs take longer than blogging does

Among the Echoes
Live at the Flapper
Saturday, 17th August
Tickets £5

To buy a ticket, go here

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What a weekend vlondon meet up with Chris Pirillo

Yesterday ( Saturday 15th June), me and my wife, Rhonda, returned to London after only going up there for my birthday to see the sights a last week.

We went to meet, Chris Pirillo, whos American tech, geek guru if you will. He has a growing community through his company, Lockergnome and his main outreach, his Youtube channel of the same name.

He just had a successful Vloggerfair in Seatle, U.S.A, which sold out.  Then he was part of Ungrounded Thinking, organised by British Airways( B.A) That was a  thinktank with 100 people from 15 countries bringing ideas to life on a plane( Simplified version).  Because of this is, he come to England for the first time, which was pretty cool.

We thought, this would be the only time we would meet him in person for a least a year or more.  With that in mind, we made our way to Hyde Park from Banbury, on the train.  The meet was by the, Italian Fountains.  Chris is very down to earth and had a guide with him, Alah.  This was not an English Vloggerfair, was only a meet up with some of the community in England.  This was only organised about week ago, with people through the community in England. I know a few people would show up as Chris has fans elsewhere in the world other than American.  About 30 people showed up at the park, most of with cameras filming his every move.  I felt like the paparazzi, quiet amusing. We were under tree for the most part as it kept raining  We then took shelter in a building in the park, where Chris began to sign gadgets from many of us. Rhonda, bought along her Starbucks cup, which many liked and probably thought, why didn't i think of that. I had my Ipad 2 with me and he happily signed the back of it.   We also bought along something English, a London cap and he wore is all day from what i can tell from picture later on
Because there were a few of us, i know that the general idea was to go indoors somewhere. Turns out, someone who was helping, Chris, works in a hotel.  He phoned up ahead of time so we could go there with the Lockergnome English community that had gathered.  We ended up taking the underground for the first time.
When we got there, it was basement area of a hotel.  Chris had organised a questions and answer season and yes i asked a question or two in the park and in the basement.  We were in the basement for about 2 hours and it began to get hot. We made our way out at nearly 6pm. When then shook hands, got some quick photos taken( One above) said goodbye. Me and Rhonda then colapsed in Costa, which, has it happens, was not that far away.
We met two guys in there, who had come from the meet up as well. We exchanged information had a chat, then made our way back to Marlyebone Station

Many people were probably just listening when we were there,, but a few very softly spoken and i guess weren't used to meeting people or socialising, which is understandable.  I am not the most talkative person out there, but given this situation i spoke and asked questions.  People were probably nervous, but for me, its just meeting someone off a the net.  Chris is known, hes not a Rock star, although many would probably consider him to be the geek version of one.

Until recently i was not the one to go searching round for channels unless i wanted something specific. The people i met and talked to on this meet up i had never met before nore had i seen them on Youtube. Meeting up, you meet people, obviously, but you then chat about the same things and that what its all about.
Meeting Chris was obviously the highlight, but i had many tweets from people, people subscribe to me youtube channel and i appear in more than one video from people that where there
It was a great experience, and yes, i will be doing that again, if someone organises one
One thing is for sure, iI will not use the underground again, unless its a long distance to to. From where we were, to the hotel, we could have walked in about 10 minutes

I have nodoubt, between now and i would say next year or later, there will be a Vloggerfair in England

Dj Readman
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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Radio Variety Show Youtube channel

Video is growing ever more popular on the net, especially Youtube, being more of a social networking with vlogging.
Chris Pirillo who just hosted the first ever Vloggerfair, in Seatle, U.S.A has spured me on to start again, creating vlogs and uploading good quality performances from radio shows

I have been over this on channels so many times, stop, started, stop, started and i really got fed up with poor quality live streaming, which was the whole point at the time

But, times roll on and now have a few more devices and ideas. One sticking area was reviewing digital music, which of course, there is no hard copy to show. I have now found a way round that problem ,so i can show something of the music.

I attempt to do one take of most videos, probably most of them on my phone. I then transfer to the pc and upload.  At first HD, was what i wanted to upload in, but. oh lord, does it take ages to upload, even about 8 minutes of footage

The new vlogs are going to be one take, sometimes cut and i want to keep the time down. I will uploading  wmv format as its good quality and it takes less time/  I will not be doing video every day as video still takes time to upload
The content is RVS vlogs, which is mixure of music content and news to share.  The is also performances form musicians, which some i still have to upload. Video content does take a lot of time to upload, which i would say, is the major downside of vlogging.  Of course the upside is the screen quality will be there

                                                Youtube Channel

Saturday, 1 June 2013

(Music Review) Jet Noir - WTM, (Song for the Rave generation)

Song for the Rave Generation
Take your mind back to the rave days, The Prodigy for one, or the Amen beat, which was used to death.  Although this is new tune, fresh beat, that has " Rave" written all over it

WTM, is the new tune from Jet Noir. Talented producer and composer of the dark sounds.  This suprised me and i have many tunes by this female artist.  Like the diversity that she creates

The beat on this is soft, not too hard, rolls, makes you jump( Get them glowsticks out ya draw), kind of like a blip element with a great punch. Accompanied by the synth under current and bassline, flying through like a Tron bike.
When i first heard this, the earlier work of, The Prodigys, sprang to mind.  I am talking around the time of the Experience album, Outer Space, Rip up the Sound system, as well as the Bass heads, Is There Anybody Out There.
I am not the only one who mentioned, Prodigy when i have spun it on the radio.
Jets vocals fly in and complete this fine sound recipe
It is to buy as solo tune here the fourthcoming ep, including this tune, will be released in August..
This is the taste of things to come


Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek: Into Darkness 3D Adventure

Me and my wife, Rhonda, went to see this, at the, Oxford, Odean.  The reason we went to Oxford, was that the run at the, Banbury, Odean, had ended and the nearest was Oxford.
Never been to the Odean at Oxford, before, turned out it had 6 screens. I have no idea about the other rooms, but screen room 3, felt and looked like a big living room.  Had i the choice, i would have gone to a multiplex, as i pay to see films in a cinema on a big screen. Credit to Banbury for keeping two larger screens
The version we saw was 3D, and i was pleased that the 3D production was great throughout. I have seen bad 3D prints, but Star Trek was nice.  The film was fantasic in visuals and the cast is now growing into their roles. There was nothing wrong at all with the first film, but as always with different storylines, you are going to get different things from actors.
J J Abrams did a fantasic job with Star Trek films.  The Storyline of In Darkness is something that suprised me. The have used part of a storyline already told in Star Trek, which i thought was a great idea. Just to say, there is something that is not mentioned in the trailer, that is in the film....
Highly recommend this one
Also to note. When taking children into a cinema, make sure they are not going to be bored and walking about.  Good job we were in the back row, which was slightly here than the rest, otherwise it would have ruined our enjoyment of the film. the film is 12, not 5+5+2