Saturday, 1 June 2013

(Music Review) Jet Noir - WTM, (Song for the Rave generation)

Song for the Rave Generation
Take your mind back to the rave days, The Prodigy for one, or the Amen beat, which was used to death.  Although this is new tune, fresh beat, that has " Rave" written all over it

WTM, is the new tune from Jet Noir. Talented producer and composer of the dark sounds.  This suprised me and i have many tunes by this female artist.  Like the diversity that she creates

The beat on this is soft, not too hard, rolls, makes you jump( Get them glowsticks out ya draw), kind of like a blip element with a great punch. Accompanied by the synth under current and bassline, flying through like a Tron bike.
When i first heard this, the earlier work of, The Prodigys, sprang to mind.  I am talking around the time of the Experience album, Outer Space, Rip up the Sound system, as well as the Bass heads, Is There Anybody Out There.
I am not the only one who mentioned, Prodigy when i have spun it on the radio.
Jets vocals fly in and complete this fine sound recipe
It is to buy as solo tune here the fourthcoming ep, including this tune, will be released in August..
This is the taste of things to come


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