Saturday, 1 June 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek: Into Darkness 3D Adventure

Me and my wife, Rhonda, went to see this, at the, Oxford, Odean.  The reason we went to Oxford, was that the run at the, Banbury, Odean, had ended and the nearest was Oxford.
Never been to the Odean at Oxford, before, turned out it had 6 screens. I have no idea about the other rooms, but screen room 3, felt and looked like a big living room.  Had i the choice, i would have gone to a multiplex, as i pay to see films in a cinema on a big screen. Credit to Banbury for keeping two larger screens
The version we saw was 3D, and i was pleased that the 3D production was great throughout. I have seen bad 3D prints, but Star Trek was nice.  The film was fantasic in visuals and the cast is now growing into their roles. There was nothing wrong at all with the first film, but as always with different storylines, you are going to get different things from actors.
J J Abrams did a fantasic job with Star Trek films.  The Storyline of In Darkness is something that suprised me. The have used part of a storyline already told in Star Trek, which i thought was a great idea. Just to say, there is something that is not mentioned in the trailer, that is in the film....
Highly recommend this one
Also to note. When taking children into a cinema, make sure they are not going to be bored and walking about.  Good job we were in the back row, which was slightly here than the rest, otherwise it would have ruined our enjoyment of the film. the film is 12, not 5+5+2

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