Sunday, 24 August 2014

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The Situation
I love music, partly the reason i do radio shows. This, also takes finances to broadcasts on a weekly basis
I work for a living. because radio and video recording, which is mainly gigging, does not pay the bills.  It is not a business, although i wish it was.
I have recently moved to another flat and waiting for the broadband to kick in. This means, that there is a lot less cash floating round to attend gigs. The main problem with funding this, is most of the cash, goes towards hotel bill. the only reason i book a hotel is public transport stops too early to get back. I have no problem paying for trains and gig tickets, its getting back thats always the problem

I have had donations in the past, although i am very greatful for anyone who does

Radio Broadcasts
This is my main promotion. I broadcast between 18- 22 songs by various artists each week. There are interviews by artists and performances when arranged. All are recorded and are here to stream
The most recent interview was with ,Tim Muddiman, This is the man guitar with the live, Gary Numan, band and also Pop Will Eat Itself. He is also responsible for production work on both albums
Podcasts ( All from live broadcasts)

Monthly videos, Gig footage, Radio guests
I produce a week sneek preview of acts coming up on radio shows. I film fill sets at gig and radio guests.I have just completely a paid music promo video for a band in Oxford

Going to gigs has been out of town and local.  I have been to Birmingham( Mostly), London and local events at, Castle House entertaiment hub.
The camera i use has suprised many musicians with the audio quality. All footage is most and full sets

Footage example: Sinestar at the Flapper, Birmingham
The band was blown away by the quality

Radio Guests
Had the pleasure of, Blackdoghat, Jonny Cooke, both Acoustic acts, two DJ from Milton Keynes, folk legend, John Cee Stannard and more
Footage is of John Cee Stannard: This is the full performance ( Over the two hour live radio broadcast)
                                             Other Side of the Spectrum Drum & Bass

Weekly Preview Videos

New series i began in May 2014 to share the new music i have received for radioplay and what i generally play on the radio. I hightlight many of the artist and followers i receive from the social media connections

My Vinyl Vlog

This is going through, from scratch, my vinyl collection. Since selling my collection to move in 2013,  i thought, it would be a good idea, to share what i buy and get given by people.


In General

The reason for all this is to have a small budget for video and radio.   If this is possible, so that it does not hit my non music income as much
Your look at £50 a month, thats including gigs. There are loads more gigs that are on offer to go, just not get the finances to go
Sometimes, paid work takes precedence over non paid work as, well,, does not pay. There is a limit to a hobbie.
I know people like what i do, reason i keep doing what i do,  I like recording video, but as people are now saying, which is very true, the only thing you can't get back, when recording, editing and uploading is time.
The five biggest bills are trains, hotels, net, electric and time. I reduced my radio shows to once a week because of my work and after starting the job over a year ago, i found that takes a lot of mental energy.
I love it doing all this, there is just no seperate budget

DJ Readman

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The new Dr. Who, Peter Capaldi

I saw is on BBC last night, great episode, well shot and great storyline.  With a change in actor, they either grab you or they don't. With Capaldi, i have seen him in a few Dr. Who related TV things, including Torchwood. Only one episode has been on TV so far, as see how things pan out over the next couple of episodes. To be honest, he has got to go a long way to beat David Tennant. Although from the first episode, i am assuming, they want to slow the pace to a little bit. Te opening is far better than Matt Smiths " Retro" one, which was rubbish and i liked the story line, which continues from the episode. "Girl in the Fireplace"
Again, i find it funny, people leap on the social media saying, "oh hes great " When they probably have not seen anything else.  The other thing i find odd, is the chose an older actor to play the part. While, this is not a mistake as such, many have not been over 40, uptil now. I am not against it, i just found it odd. Even in the episode, the play on this, which i found interesting.

In General

It is still going strong. I am glad it worked the second time around. The modern day Dr Who, not everyone likes, probably because it does not look cheap, but thats was its charm.  BBC have got a reputation of not going mad with money on science fiction. They never think it will work, they obviously do nto know their audience enough, It took a Canadian to put it on the screen. Somtimes, us British are too stuck up for new things.
I like both eras of the Timelord. I like the way they returned it. It took them long enough, but fans gave it the push.
We will see what happens with Capaldiaas the, Dr. It has already bee reported that charactor, Cara, i leaving after the Christmas special. From the first episode, i am not suprised, as something is missing. Not sure what though

Paul Readman
Dr Who and observer

Vinyl Collection update: The Rasta Rises

Although i have been updating a previous blog, i thought i would make another one for this
Over the course of the past few months, as a spur of the moment idea, i put a call out to anyone who wanted to get rid of vinyl, for whatever reason. I have had a local people give vinyl to us and some nice pieces as well.
Thursday evening,  (August 21st ),  i got a message from a local woman. I met her husband outside, he pulled up in a car not far from my flat. There were 5 bags of Vinyl albums and 7" singles

Keep and donate

When i get given  vinyl, i never resell. I do get duplicates, which i sort out. I then give to charity. Some good some not so good, but someone is going to like them
This video, after i have sorted the vinyl out, shows you what i kept and the rest, will be going to charity

Have any vinyl, you just do not want, don't play any more or taking up too much room?I will take them off your hands

Paul Readman
Vinyl Collector

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Star Wars in Disneyland

Once Upon a time, in a land far, far away, George Lucas gave, Disney,  the rights to film franchise, Star Wars.
On this earth, thats actually happened.
I have no problem as a movie fan with Disney running things, see what they do. Partly the reason for this, is the director, JJ Abraham, who, directed the last two Stat Trek movies, successfully as well. I was really impressed with them. They could easily have been rubbish but no.
We now have great modern director and legendary studio on hand, to move the franches forward. In my opinion, it didn't need moving. There are enough fan based films that are good quality to keep you entertained... This is not a reboot, as far as i know, from what i have read and pictures, its episode 7. It really depends what they do, it really does. They are filming in London, in Pinewood studios, i think. I heard on Oxford radio station, Jack FM, that Harrison Ford, Injured himself and was taken to the John Radliff hospital last month. The guys pretty fit for his near 70 years.

Trilogy rumours

Saw this recently flying about on Facebook. One thing i find funny, is people taking it like its fact, when its obviously not, or the truth is reworded. For example, the articles mentions, the process has taken time, because the film was damaged. Thats wrong for a start. To put that to rest, we go back to the 2007 restored version. On many Star Wars documetries, that were released to promote the 2007 release, the original film was in a poor state/ This was cleaned up, restored and when George Lucas added what he couldn't do when he shot the film, the process continues as the film, when being restored, is scanned digitally to clean it up. Then another "Film" copy is made to store in better conditions that previously.
If they are rereleasing a film, then ok, why not. After all Star Wars is now a "Cash Cow" its so big, many people would by anything thats released to add to their collection.
If the rumour ends up being reality, then you will, apparantly get a releaase of the film, how it was shot
In my opnion, its not true, based on the information the article gave
Don't believe everything you read, unless its  for comic effect

Anything you see on social media, research first, or find out if its true or just a bag full rumours. Its probabky Disney doing the rumours themselves. Thats what someone companies do

The end....for now

Paul Readman
aka Dj Readman

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Among the Echoes, Fracture Album launch @The Flapper, Birmingham

Again, in Birmingham, for a couple of days. I think its better to stay for two days, and not rush around prepare for a night out, only to fly out of the hotel the next morning. I feel more relaxed going to a gig this way
This time, we chose, The Premier Inn. Partly the reason for the change, was the payment system they have is far better.  The Holilday Inn website and many others, do not allow you to pay by debit card, which is very enoying.
Did a bit of shopping and walking along the canal area and Birmingham center, which is very relaxing. This was for the Fracture album launch on Saturday night arranged and main band, Among the Echoes. This was, at the Flapper venue. As habbit would have it, i will be filming the bands.  I nearly had a heart attack when i found i left batteries and memory cards at home. Maplins, who are located only around the corner, had both, horaaaah

Alex Paulee June( Man man of Elmo Sexwhistle)

This guy is a genius with keyboards, although, i didn't know what to expect with a solo performance. It was the year anniversary ( As i call it) since i first saw Alex and it was about time i saw him again. We was at the bar before going down stairs at the Flapper to see bands, and it was great two chat with Alex, at last.
He gained a few fans on the night, combination of songs he composed for Youtube, Sexwhistle new music and some 80s games covers for good measure. He introduced every one to Mavis, his Pink electro guitar
Just a great set


Great mainstream band, one gifted singer, great drummer, just all round awsome band. I saw these at the last, Among the Echoes gig i went to at the "Ides of March gig" and they were great. For some reason, they were better, probably my ears being better tuned to their sound, who knows. Iain Brownlie, is one hell of singer, with great range and power, which is what you need to be over one of the best and loudest drummers, i have seen at a gig, Matt Monhangee.  I am a fan of drummers at gigs. they have course,  keep the beat. He bashes his kit like hes going to sell it the next day.  They played their new single, which delighted us all. They could have easily played on for longer, they weren't even breaking a sweat. When you see Sinestar, you strike gold

Among the Echoes

Played their new album back to back. The sound of two guitarists keyboards and the carisma of Ian Wall, brings the songs to life.  Again, their songs get better every time i hear them. I am getting to know Sin and i like their song,  Hate. The openings of the songs i like, you start to recognise them this way
The band are always experimenting, part of the general mission the band.


I like meeting people when i get the chance, many off Facebook. I finally met, Michelle Griffin, for the first time. This fine woman, who nudged my arm as i was so engrossed in conversation. turned round and saw her face. Michelle is a gig photographer in her spare time. She put me onto, Sean Burke, originally, who was the guitarist with Tubeway Army.  Met Paul Humphries, who has been to many electro related gigs and finally, after a year, met, Alex from Elmo Sexwhistle. All of us round a tablet chatting, it was great.

I tried to find, Michelle, after the gig, but couldn;t ,which was a shame.  However i bumped into Velma and Heather from Drag. Fine pair of femaline creatures
As well as seeing Alex on stage and Among the Echoes performan, i loved Sinestar. Probably because i do not see them as often as Among the Echoes, but they just kill it live
I think the general sound at The Flapper is great. Ian Wall mentioned the engineer, which judging from the film as well, seemed slightly better balanced this time. As far as i can tell, there were no issues at all. About bloody time, the band had good sound. I know from last year, there was always something about the engineer or things breaking down. This was the only gig i have been to, where that didn't happen

I love the Flapper
The event went just too fast.  We didn't go the club this time, which is usually connected to the night via a promotion. To be honest, when you go later it gets packed and your squeezed in like sardines. Not a pleasurable experience. I much prefer the Flappers and hang around afterwards.

Among the Echoes
Alex Juno
Michelle Griffin ( Photographer)

DJ Readman( Reviewer/Radio presenter, captures the bands

You got broadband issues????

After what seems like a lifetime of connection problems, which started in 2013 with my AOL connection at my parents, i believe my, what seems like a lifetime of net dropouts, is hopefully over.
Since i moved in April, and connected to Sky for the first time, after the first few weeks, a had nothing but trouble. I seriously thought, am i cursed?. Same problem again, with a different company, man, oh man

From beginning of July, until August 11th, two, Open Reach, engineers have been out.  The first was to check and put us on another so called " Tape" line, thought the problem was fixed, noooo. After, what seemed like 100 router resets, i called up Sky, and checked the phone line. Well, that was the answer. Sounded like the phone line was engaged???? The only time you get an engaged tone in England, is when the person you are calling, is already using their phone and of course, your unable to get though.  Called Sky, Friday evening and Monday( After the weekend) an engineer arrived.
The guy replaced the wall box, which is a type that you connect the wire, direct to the router to the wall. Usually, i have a filter, between the wall socket and the router, no more. Aparantly, that wall socket was the issue.

I hope after struggling with for nearly 3 months, i now have a great connection.
I have no issue with the Sky connection spead, its great. Its twice as fast as AOL. It was just the drops, ugh!

Through my experience with this, check the phone line first. Its ok to replace the wires you get with the original broadband package and these do wear out, as i did with the AOL connection. Filters also wear out, when their cheap. I would always check the sound on the phoneline. If there is crackling or something other than i dialtone, get an engineer out. It still effects your broadband connection/ Sky kept saying there was no line fault. I thought , how can there be no line fault. It turned out to be the wall socket

Thanks for reading
Paul Readman
aka Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show

Sunday, 3 August 2014

My Vinyl Collection from Scratch

Yes, i sold my record collection to a few people in 2013.
The reason, as refered to in previous blogs, i moved for the first time.
Now, vinyl records a big and heavy and i had over 1,000 in my collection. I sold a few on Ebay and a bulk load on Gumtree. Some people were screaming at me, You will regret is and other sentiments like that. My think is, in this day and age, one of the few things the internet is good for, you can get stuff back fair quickly, given the fund at certain times.   It was not a huge shock to sell them, as its not that difficult to get Vinyl back

Starting again
When i got settled, the first thing i did is go to the, Truck Store, in Oxford. I bought my first vinyl in a month ( It was not long since i sold it) its a strange feeling buying vinyl, you do not realise how much you miss it. I bought a new vinyl and second hand vinyl. Too boost this collection, asked around on Facebook if anyone wants to recycle any. Some poeple just do not want record anymore, to replace them with a more space saving alternative, you never know.  I got a response from one local woman, who was moving and sorted out a box of vinyl. Over the past week( end of June 2014) i got a message from someone, with a bag vinyl. I went to collect it and sure enough, there was a bag of vinyl by the persons back gate.  I do not mind collecting vinyl, if its being given away. I am prepared to walk to get them.
I have also been to the local record fair, which i found out, had moved location. I bought some vinyl from there as well. I also thought, when i started, that there is no local record shop in the area. The nearest is Oxford, well Leamington, but its cheaper to go to Oxford, as Leamington is more ( For whatever reason) To go by train, is cheaper than a delivery charge by post.

I have also been going round charity shops. Oxfom has been the winner so far, with buying some good titles. Carboots are not that good at all. I did find something for cheap the week ending of July, buy was not in great condition

It all depends where it comes from, but i enjoy collecting vinyl


I love vinyl, i buy it, although i have had some donated. Near, two boxes full. Want your vinyl to be loved by someone, that likes playing them? About to go to the tip with a load  but would rather see them go somewhere else??? i am you man.
If i get duplicates or vinyl i do not like, i donate them to Katherine House Hospice shop.  i do not sell on, unless i buy to sell on, which i used to do, upto a couple of years ago

Thankyou for reading
Paul Readman
(If you phone me, text me as many numbers come up no caller Id or unknown ,which is enoying. Alternatively, text me if you are going to ring me

A House?

At the moment
I have now been living in a flat for the past 3 months. Its very nice, although would be nice to have some sort of outside green area.  When i first moved in, i didn't even thinking about it, as i just wanted to get out from under my parents feet at long last. It was well, well, well overdue.  After a while, i realised, having a green space, was what was missing. It depends where your flat is, but i find it funny that bedsits have a shared green area and flats don't, even though you pay more for a flat. That never registered before, until now.
I am here until October 2014, which is when my contract runs out. I can either stay or move.  Moving is probably what i am going to do, if the next stage falls into place


A few issues have arose since i have been at the flat, that i really didn't notice, until a little while after. The rent is more than i thought. I never go over a certain amount, or i got it wrong to start with. The flat lets every bit of sound in from the outside. Big sash windows do nothing to custion sound. You would think that closing a window would lessen any sound coming though, erm?, nope. Those are the two many issues, nothing else. Its enough though, to move... so i am on the lookout, or will stick with the same property people and just move when they have something

A House????
My parents have hinted at a house that is currently being renovated and they know the owners and have met me at some point. From what has been said so far, obviously, nothing is set in stone, but the rent, will not be as much different, or probably less to what i am paying now. It's further away from town than the flat is, but more space.  I went to see the House, as i knew what it was, just to look at the front of it.
If i house does come up from another source, one bedroom, i am interested. If the resent is £550 a month maximum, i will take it

The Garden Space
The garden space i managed to aquire through a local on Facebook over a month ago, i have not bee down to attend yet. I miss gardening, as i used to do it for living. I thought it would have more time, but its strange really

Thanks for reading
Paul Readman