Sunday, 17 August 2014

Star Wars in Disneyland

Once Upon a time, in a land far, far away, George Lucas gave, Disney,  the rights to film franchise, Star Wars.
On this earth, thats actually happened.
I have no problem as a movie fan with Disney running things, see what they do. Partly the reason for this, is the director, JJ Abraham, who, directed the last two Stat Trek movies, successfully as well. I was really impressed with them. They could easily have been rubbish but no.
We now have great modern director and legendary studio on hand, to move the franches forward. In my opinion, it didn't need moving. There are enough fan based films that are good quality to keep you entertained... This is not a reboot, as far as i know, from what i have read and pictures, its episode 7. It really depends what they do, it really does. They are filming in London, in Pinewood studios, i think. I heard on Oxford radio station, Jack FM, that Harrison Ford, Injured himself and was taken to the John Radliff hospital last month. The guys pretty fit for his near 70 years.

Trilogy rumours

Saw this recently flying about on Facebook. One thing i find funny, is people taking it like its fact, when its obviously not, or the truth is reworded. For example, the articles mentions, the process has taken time, because the film was damaged. Thats wrong for a start. To put that to rest, we go back to the 2007 restored version. On many Star Wars documetries, that were released to promote the 2007 release, the original film was in a poor state/ This was cleaned up, restored and when George Lucas added what he couldn't do when he shot the film, the process continues as the film, when being restored, is scanned digitally to clean it up. Then another "Film" copy is made to store in better conditions that previously.
If they are rereleasing a film, then ok, why not. After all Star Wars is now a "Cash Cow" its so big, many people would by anything thats released to add to their collection.
If the rumour ends up being reality, then you will, apparantly get a releaase of the film, how it was shot
In my opnion, its not true, based on the information the article gave
Don't believe everything you read, unless its  for comic effect

Anything you see on social media, research first, or find out if its true or just a bag full rumours. Its probabky Disney doing the rumours themselves. Thats what someone companies do

The end....for now

Paul Readman
aka Dj Readman

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