Sunday, 3 August 2014

A House?

At the moment
I have now been living in a flat for the past 3 months. Its very nice, although would be nice to have some sort of outside green area.  When i first moved in, i didn't even thinking about it, as i just wanted to get out from under my parents feet at long last. It was well, well, well overdue.  After a while, i realised, having a green space, was what was missing. It depends where your flat is, but i find it funny that bedsits have a shared green area and flats don't, even though you pay more for a flat. That never registered before, until now.
I am here until October 2014, which is when my contract runs out. I can either stay or move.  Moving is probably what i am going to do, if the next stage falls into place


A few issues have arose since i have been at the flat, that i really didn't notice, until a little while after. The rent is more than i thought. I never go over a certain amount, or i got it wrong to start with. The flat lets every bit of sound in from the outside. Big sash windows do nothing to custion sound. You would think that closing a window would lessen any sound coming though, erm?, nope. Those are the two many issues, nothing else. Its enough though, to move... so i am on the lookout, or will stick with the same property people and just move when they have something

A House????
My parents have hinted at a house that is currently being renovated and they know the owners and have met me at some point. From what has been said so far, obviously, nothing is set in stone, but the rent, will not be as much different, or probably less to what i am paying now. It's further away from town than the flat is, but more space.  I went to see the House, as i knew what it was, just to look at the front of it.
If i house does come up from another source, one bedroom, i am interested. If the resent is £550 a month maximum, i will take it

The Garden Space
The garden space i managed to aquire through a local on Facebook over a month ago, i have not bee down to attend yet. I miss gardening, as i used to do it for living. I thought it would have more time, but its strange really

Thanks for reading
Paul Readman

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