Sunday, 3 August 2014

My Vinyl Collection from Scratch

Yes, i sold my record collection to a few people in 2013.
The reason, as refered to in previous blogs, i moved for the first time.
Now, vinyl records a big and heavy and i had over 1,000 in my collection. I sold a few on Ebay and a bulk load on Gumtree. Some people were screaming at me, You will regret is and other sentiments like that. My think is, in this day and age, one of the few things the internet is good for, you can get stuff back fair quickly, given the fund at certain times.   It was not a huge shock to sell them, as its not that difficult to get Vinyl back

Starting again
When i got settled, the first thing i did is go to the, Truck Store, in Oxford. I bought my first vinyl in a month ( It was not long since i sold it) its a strange feeling buying vinyl, you do not realise how much you miss it. I bought a new vinyl and second hand vinyl. Too boost this collection, asked around on Facebook if anyone wants to recycle any. Some poeple just do not want record anymore, to replace them with a more space saving alternative, you never know.  I got a response from one local woman, who was moving and sorted out a box of vinyl. Over the past week( end of June 2014) i got a message from someone, with a bag vinyl. I went to collect it and sure enough, there was a bag of vinyl by the persons back gate.  I do not mind collecting vinyl, if its being given away. I am prepared to walk to get them.
I have also been to the local record fair, which i found out, had moved location. I bought some vinyl from there as well. I also thought, when i started, that there is no local record shop in the area. The nearest is Oxford, well Leamington, but its cheaper to go to Oxford, as Leamington is more ( For whatever reason) To go by train, is cheaper than a delivery charge by post.

I have also been going round charity shops. Oxfom has been the winner so far, with buying some good titles. Carboots are not that good at all. I did find something for cheap the week ending of July, buy was not in great condition

It all depends where it comes from, but i enjoy collecting vinyl


I love vinyl, i buy it, although i have had some donated. Near, two boxes full. Want your vinyl to be loved by someone, that likes playing them? About to go to the tip with a load  but would rather see them go somewhere else??? i am you man.
If i get duplicates or vinyl i do not like, i donate them to Katherine House Hospice shop.  i do not sell on, unless i buy to sell on, which i used to do, upto a couple of years ago

Thankyou for reading
Paul Readman
(If you phone me, text me as many numbers come up no caller Id or unknown ,which is enoying. Alternatively, text me if you are going to ring me

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