Wednesday, 13 August 2014

You got broadband issues????

After what seems like a lifetime of connection problems, which started in 2013 with my AOL connection at my parents, i believe my, what seems like a lifetime of net dropouts, is hopefully over.
Since i moved in April, and connected to Sky for the first time, after the first few weeks, a had nothing but trouble. I seriously thought, am i cursed?. Same problem again, with a different company, man, oh man

From beginning of July, until August 11th, two, Open Reach, engineers have been out.  The first was to check and put us on another so called " Tape" line, thought the problem was fixed, noooo. After, what seemed like 100 router resets, i called up Sky, and checked the phone line. Well, that was the answer. Sounded like the phone line was engaged???? The only time you get an engaged tone in England, is when the person you are calling, is already using their phone and of course, your unable to get though.  Called Sky, Friday evening and Monday( After the weekend) an engineer arrived.
The guy replaced the wall box, which is a type that you connect the wire, direct to the router to the wall. Usually, i have a filter, between the wall socket and the router, no more. Aparantly, that wall socket was the issue.

I hope after struggling with for nearly 3 months, i now have a great connection.
I have no issue with the Sky connection spead, its great. Its twice as fast as AOL. It was just the drops, ugh!

Through my experience with this, check the phone line first. Its ok to replace the wires you get with the original broadband package and these do wear out, as i did with the AOL connection. Filters also wear out, when their cheap. I would always check the sound on the phoneline. If there is crackling or something other than i dialtone, get an engineer out. It still effects your broadband connection/ Sky kept saying there was no line fault. I thought , how can there be no line fault. It turned out to be the wall socket

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Paul Readman
aka Dj Readman
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