Saturday, 28 June 2014

As if by Magic, a garden appears

Update: December 2014
After all the excitment, i never made it into the garden. :( When i was in the mood, it was bad weather, damn it

Its funny how things turn up.
My flat has no green area and for some strange reason, i miss gardening. I did it for living because i like doing it as well, until i changed jobs, but i didn't realise i missed it. 
When i was living with my parents, i didn't use the garden much, as in planting and digging. I liked having a garden though.
The first plan, was to hire an alotment space, but from what i was told, there are waiting lists. It is only about £25 a year, but it not about waiting, it about getting something, well, yes, it is about waiting :)
The other plan, which lead me to the next phaze, asking for free land
As usually, you expect all kind of silly comments from people. As it turned out, it was the opposite. I got a very positive reaction from the thread i made on the Banbury Freecycle group on Facebook. I asked, if anyone had any free space, i could plant. From that i was contacted by someone locally ( Thank god) who has an elderly relative with ill health.  He ( His son) was already doing some work to keep it tidy. In a way, i took the job of that off him.( He was relieved) 
I now have a back garden ( pictured) i can use for planting vegetables to cook with and possibly flowers. 
First thing i am going to look at it a way or rigging up a water collecting system.  There is greenhouse to the right of the picture, but has broken panes. Going to sort that out as well, as its going to be handy
More to come as i update this blog

Paul Readman
Local gardener, in the making ;) 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Vinyl (Weekend) Vlog series on Youtube

The ideas for this video series
I wanted to archive the start of my vinyl collection. Archive only come to light through watching over people on, Youtube, mentioning it, and thought it was a good idea. With that in mind, i wanted to start a daily vlog, but not got the time to do it all week. I decided to start what i bought on vinyl
I discovered when filming on my iphone than both camera have different ratios. I wondered why certain shots had boarders and some did not, then i realised

The videos
                                       This is the first vlog, which is the "In front of camera" format

                               Vlog 02, the same format, but expanding on the weekend vlog idea

                               Vlog 03, This is taking the weekend video to the next stage

   Vlog 04, Weekend Vinyl Vlog 


Vinyl Vlog 04 ( Just the Vinyl(Short Version)


06 July 19th
With this vlog, i recorded the audio seperatly and used the landscape camera on my iphone

06 is coming with more goodies
Vinyl list
To add to the growing vinyl collection
Nirvana - Nevermind
Primal Scream - Screamadlia
Guns n Roses - Appetite for Destruction
The Beatles - Revolver
Prodigy - Their Law
Get the Blessing OCDC and Lope Antelope
Stones Roses - Stone Roses
This list will grow, when more spring to mind
Want to send any vinyl, you were going to throw? Then e-mail is for my address :)

Its all about the music :)

Paul Readman
Vinyl collector
Feel free to comment on the blog

Saturday, 21 June 2014

(Album Review) Lee Negin - The Chronicles of Cheeze Volume V

The soundscape master dazzles once again, with more mind bending sounds and hard beats shaped into his latest, Techno Opera.
"Anyone want a line for review"
"Chronicle of Cheeze is the Rock Horror Picture Show,  on an acid trip"
Swan lake when you think of Opera, but this is a Techno Opera, so all the alien toys get thrown out of the window"

I played the album in full, on my radio show on June 20th. There are various, nicely crafted dance numbers.
The second song, after the alien introduction, is dance number, Just Staying. Reminded me of the, Time Warp, dance sequence, in Rocky Horror. The other reason, is where the track is placed, which is near the opening, like the song in the film.
I have heard many previous albums by Lee, although i still didn't know what to expect, with an Opera.
In many places, this adventure, sounds a little like a radio play. Voices, siutation comedy and of course,what i call,  " The Trainspotting Effect" with someone in the intermission going to the toilet. When i heard that, reminded me of the film sequence
Chill to a kaleidoscope of sounds and literally, when you want to go somewhere else,  like a fine wine, you get more and more from repeated tastings
Your first taste from Lee Negin? Take, The Orb, KLF, Talking Heads, Future Sound of London, all rolled into one and you are about there. He started before everyone mentioned
If you have heard Lee Negins before, then you know what to expect, but still, leave you concept of time at the front door.
There is never a dull moment, and the pace is nice and steady with a few techno numbers laced with prime sound cuts and you might forget that an alien is talking to you.

To preorder this nonconcept of time album, you can go to his website
To let him know you are pay attention his Facebook ;)

The album, streamed in full, courtesy of Lee Negin