Friday, 23 May 2014

What is the Open Show Promotion, you ask?

Created in 2012 to highlight an album from an artists on every show thoughout a month
The original idea was to play one opening the show, but i thought that might get confusing and i love my jingle opening the show ;)
Then, i thought, why not have music under segments i talk, which i had never done before, although, i have heard it done by other people.
Over a year now, i have been choosing an album, for the most part, from one i have had from band
I play two songs, mostly in album order on each show. I play one opening the show, after the jingle. Then a second song i play, under the " Voiceover segments" That song is then played in full at the end of the show

June 2014
The next band, which i bought the album from, are from Daventry, England. There are a Poprock band, who have been gigging very hard made a lot of effort in their album release. I have interviewed them as a duo and as a band and i have broadcast them live and recorded footage
The band is
SILVERSPARK and the album is, Flames Run Deep

Other the fact i live their music and i have met the band ( Always good to see a band live), the new album is a fine quality production. Album review here

You can request any song you like from the album and it will be played on that show

Paul Readman
aka DJ Readman
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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

( CD Album review) Prey on the Fallen (Rock)

No, doing a cover of  Chain Reaction by Diana Ross?, damn :( interesting if they did though.
Thats the thought i had looking at the back of the CD album sleeve of the new album by California Rockers, Prey on the Fallen.
I have been a fan of Rock for many years and finding quality around is no easy task. I got sent this album by the band and only heard, Shermans March, which was sent to me by their Publicist, Yvonne Laughin. The album could be have been, well not great and all,  but, i am reviewing for a reason, or five
This is highly polished release, full of great rock songs. Flows very well. Starts with the title song, and the album title, Prey on the Fallen, goes straight into "Guitar attack" mode, they don't mess about.  Not suprising this was released as a single, Shermans March, great song, can easily be mainstream, with the rifts and the lyrics
I love the opening to Last Breathe, i like the pace and yet, what appears to be, what could be another mainstream song?.
I love the "Hammer effect" in, ( Yes i heard it) Present Time, like your walking into a coal mine ( I can see them doing a video to this)
Now to, Hotel California, the Acoustic opening and theeeeeeeeen ? of course, rock guitar.  Do i hear a keyboard? nice rendition.
Chain Reaction, no, not, Diana Ross, but the riff will be recognised by many at the opening though, "tip to the hat" to Rob Zombie.
The opening to Creed to the Greed, i had a flash of, Zombie Highway, game in my head. Like the pace of this song.  (Zombie Highway is Knocking Zombies off your car while you in motion, if you didn't know)
War, leads me to the end of the album. Another extremely smooth slab of rock.
The only negative point, is it sound like a lot of other heavy rock bands. Although, thats not really a bad thing, more of a compliment really.   I can hear a lot of Megadeath influence in the riffs and vocals. And the "Disturbed Effect" of cover an album.
The album is a whole is suprisingly mainstream in sound. I was expecting a heavier sound, but i like what i hear. Its nice to heard well written songs that can be heavy in tone and soft in crossover, not easy to do.
Fine quality album and i can see this going very far. Hearing it on a loop, very smooth. Reading who engineered this, not suprising everything is clear, what you need


Paul Readman
aja Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show
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Saturday, 17 May 2014

( Album review) Silverspark - Flames Run Deep

I like this kind of Pop Rock sound.
This is the first full length album, since Silverspark have become four members.  They have recorded before as duo on various instruments with their previous ep, Light the Fuse.  With this album, they took the " Naked Lunch " direction, i call it. As well as writting new songs and recordings that have been floaring around, they have gone back to the previous ep and rerecorded tracks from the previous ep, with the full band.

Something About You and By the Fireplace have been rerecorded. The songs that have been floating around performances and radio shows are, The Thief, Don't Bring me Down and Dangerous Game.  Coming Home, Smokin Gun and One Way Street, are the newest songs ( Coming home i am not sure of).

The only strange part is the first drum segment on, Before the Shadows Play. It sounds as though they took the treble off and added an effect to make the drums seem distant? Its only on that segment and on no other part of that song. I was expecting it to be throughout, but no.  Its an interesting build up, but just a bit odd
My favourite song. is one of the more recent songs, Smokin Gun. Love the bass and the guitar work.
As we all as the fine musicians, you hear Carley at the front. I like clear singers on music. You can be a good singer, but being clear, does not happen all the time.  Just wonderful to listen to.
Great to hear Matts guitar work against the bass and drum work in a studio recording.
For a first full length band album, the four have done a great job. Great to listen to, nice and warm. No hard lyrics, great flow. A lot of attention was paid before and after recording of the songs and how they were placed. I like Silverspark as a band, the way they have recorded and made this album possible.

DJ Readman
Radio Variety Show

Thursday, 8 May 2014

New artists on the next live broadcast, 16th May

Since my next broadcast is a week away, due to the new broadband being activated, i thought i would mention some artists that i have received, that i am going to play

As follows....

From Russia, Frozen Ocean
Solo artists, blending a sound of metal and ambient. The new album, The Mysterious
                                                                   Official website

From Daventry England, Silverspark
I bought the CD ( I love hard copies). This one is Pop Rock with a fabulous vocals by Carley Phillips

From Pennsylvania, U.S.A , Saraphine
Some thrash metal from the states, bought to my attention by Jeff Brandyberry of Dimished Pitch Entertainment


To Poland and all female Punk band, Brains All Gone

Facebook  Bought to my attention by the promoter Mark Sensin

From London, England, we have Acoustic wonderment, Blackdoghat
Playing a song from their ep, BARK! 
They are currently looking for a company to print the ep. If you see this, connect with John Sage, who is under Facebook

My next Sunday Series Vlog
Because my uploading speed is pretty good, i am contining via phone connection to release music vlogs
Next one, Sunday May 11th

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The live radio broadcasts

You may ask," Your talking a lot about your vlogs, what about your live broadcasts"? ;)

One thing that is irritating at the moment, is the activation of my new broadband connection. I am no longer with AOL, i have turned to Sky, after 16 years.  It was time for a change.
You need a decent and stable net connection to maintain a stream. At the moment, i am connected with my phone, which is fine for recording videos and the uploading speed, which is suprisingly good. However the stream and download is pretty bad, reason i am unable to broadcasting until 16th May 2014.
I will be continuing with a special radio show, which is will be the first in my new HQ

Obviously there are more outgoing costs now, broadband, electric are the main two
Feel free to donate to the ongoing cause
Just goto Paypal and enter this e-mail 
Any amount is good, it helps towards costs and equipmemt replacement/or repairs. Radio show is all outgoing, there is no incoming from it

Broadcast location elsewhere

The alternative is broadcast from elsewhere once a week. I can promote on videos, interview the owner or house owner, who knows. There is always a way round a broadcast
Let me know, if you want to do this. It has to be in the area of where is live
My radio broadcasts are usually Monday evening or if thats not possible, Wednesday evenings

Many thanks for reading
DJ Readman

Monday, 5 May 2014

The New HQ Waaaaahooooo

Taking Shape
As per my previous blog, i have moved to a flat in the same town Link to blog 

No broadband
It turns out that getting the, Sky Router, is taking longer than expected.  I have my phone, and thanks to the io7 update (I think), , I can tether via wifi, not the battery zapping, Bluetooth, which I have never liked, for net connection.

General Radio Variety Show Content

This, of course, continues. I love broadcasting and uploading videos. This, of course, takes time and money. Broadband and electric are the main money squeezers.  
For the moment, I have reduced my radio shows to once a week, mainly on Monday or a Wednesday.
The video content at the moment, is the, Sunday Vlog series.  This is slowly growing through Twitter promotion. YouTube, as yet to roll out the new subscriber update system on YouTube pages 100% 
The radio and video content, will always be a hobbie and it does not generate money.  If it did, it would be sustainable and would put more time in. As it stands it does not.

I have just moved and I am tired with moving stuff in and sorting it out. Good job I had three days off work with the, Mayday weekend

I know I have not moved before. but seriously, I thought getting furniture would be easier. I am still sleeping on a Matress, after not finding a metal frame for the bed. And due to the very narrow staircase , I found out after trying to get a sofa to the flat, it will have to be a flat pack. 

Flat warming gifts
Anyone that has a kings size metal frame bed and a, built from flatpack, two seater sofa, then contact us via this vlog. That's the only two pieces of furniture, that are, for some reason, being a mission, to get hold of. Although I work, I have a tight budget and not much time in the day.   I like recycling so I am prepared to exchange the above for loads of CDS. Needs must

Thankyou for reading my vlogs. 
There will be more music related to come, after I have settled in. What being said, it serious needs a sofa, it's oddly strange without one

Dj Readman at the new HQ
For non furniture content, which, live broadcast and podcasts and performing bands and radio guests On my, Youtube channel