Thursday, 8 May 2014

New artists on the next live broadcast, 16th May

Since my next broadcast is a week away, due to the new broadband being activated, i thought i would mention some artists that i have received, that i am going to play

As follows....

From Russia, Frozen Ocean
Solo artists, blending a sound of metal and ambient. The new album, The Mysterious
                                                                   Official website

From Daventry England, Silverspark
I bought the CD ( I love hard copies). This one is Pop Rock with a fabulous vocals by Carley Phillips

From Pennsylvania, U.S.A , Saraphine
Some thrash metal from the states, bought to my attention by Jeff Brandyberry of Dimished Pitch Entertainment


To Poland and all female Punk band, Brains All Gone

Facebook  Bought to my attention by the promoter Mark Sensin

From London, England, we have Acoustic wonderment, Blackdoghat
Playing a song from their ep, BARK! 
They are currently looking for a company to print the ep. If you see this, connect with John Sage, who is under Facebook

My next Sunday Series Vlog
Because my uploading speed is pretty good, i am contining via phone connection to release music vlogs
Next one, Sunday May 11th

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