Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The live radio broadcasts

You may ask," Your talking a lot about your vlogs, what about your live broadcasts"? ;)

One thing that is irritating at the moment, is the activation of my new broadband connection. I am no longer with AOL, i have turned to Sky, after 16 years.  It was time for a change.
You need a decent and stable net connection to maintain a stream. At the moment, i am connected with my phone, which is fine for recording videos and the uploading speed, which is suprisingly good. However the stream and download is pretty bad, reason i am unable to broadcasting until 16th May 2014.
I will be continuing with a special radio show, which is will be the first in my new HQ

Obviously there are more outgoing costs now, broadband, electric are the main two
Feel free to donate to the ongoing cause
Just goto Paypal and enter this e-mail 
Any amount is good, it helps towards costs and equipmemt replacement/or repairs. Radio show is all outgoing, there is no incoming from it

Broadcast location elsewhere

The alternative is broadcast from elsewhere once a week. I can promote on videos, interview the owner or house owner, who knows. There is always a way round a broadcast
Let me know, if you want to do this. It has to be in the area of where is live
My radio broadcasts are usually Monday evening or if thats not possible, Wednesday evenings

Many thanks for reading
DJ Readman

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