Tuesday, 20 May 2014

( CD Album review) Prey on the Fallen (Rock)

No, doing a cover of  Chain Reaction by Diana Ross?, damn :( interesting if they did though.
Thats the thought i had looking at the back of the CD album sleeve of the new album by California Rockers, Prey on the Fallen.
I have been a fan of Rock for many years and finding quality around is no easy task. I got sent this album by the band and only heard, Shermans March, which was sent to me by their Publicist, Yvonne Laughin. The album could be have been, well not great and all,  but, i am reviewing for a reason, or five
This is highly polished release, full of great rock songs. Flows very well. Starts with the title song, and the album title, Prey on the Fallen, goes straight into "Guitar attack" mode, they don't mess about.  Not suprising this was released as a single, Shermans March, great song, can easily be mainstream, with the rifts and the lyrics
I love the opening to Last Breathe, i like the pace and yet, what appears to be, what could be another mainstream song?.
I love the "Hammer effect" in, ( Yes i heard it) Present Time, like your walking into a coal mine ( I can see them doing a video to this)
Now to, Hotel California, the Acoustic opening and theeeeeeeeen ? of course, rock guitar.  Do i hear a keyboard? nice rendition.
Chain Reaction, no, not, Diana Ross, but the riff will be recognised by many at the opening though, "tip to the hat" to Rob Zombie.
The opening to Creed to the Greed, i had a flash of, Zombie Highway, game in my head. Like the pace of this song.  (Zombie Highway is Knocking Zombies off your car while you in motion, if you didn't know)
War, leads me to the end of the album. Another extremely smooth slab of rock.
The only negative point, is it sound like a lot of other heavy rock bands. Although, thats not really a bad thing, more of a compliment really.   I can hear a lot of Megadeath influence in the riffs and vocals. And the "Disturbed Effect" of cover an album.
The album is a whole is suprisingly mainstream in sound. I was expecting a heavier sound, but i like what i hear. Its nice to heard well written songs that can be heavy in tone and soft in crossover, not easy to do.
Fine quality album and i can see this going very far. Hearing it on a loop, very smooth. Reading who engineered this, not suprising everything is clear, what you need


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