Saturday, 17 May 2014

( Album review) Silverspark - Flames Run Deep

I like this kind of Pop Rock sound.
This is the first full length album, since Silverspark have become four members.  They have recorded before as duo on various instruments with their previous ep, Light the Fuse.  With this album, they took the " Naked Lunch " direction, i call it. As well as writting new songs and recordings that have been floaring around, they have gone back to the previous ep and rerecorded tracks from the previous ep, with the full band.

Something About You and By the Fireplace have been rerecorded. The songs that have been floating around performances and radio shows are, The Thief, Don't Bring me Down and Dangerous Game.  Coming Home, Smokin Gun and One Way Street, are the newest songs ( Coming home i am not sure of).

The only strange part is the first drum segment on, Before the Shadows Play. It sounds as though they took the treble off and added an effect to make the drums seem distant? Its only on that segment and on no other part of that song. I was expecting it to be throughout, but no.  Its an interesting build up, but just a bit odd
My favourite song. is one of the more recent songs, Smokin Gun. Love the bass and the guitar work.
As we all as the fine musicians, you hear Carley at the front. I like clear singers on music. You can be a good singer, but being clear, does not happen all the time.  Just wonderful to listen to.
Great to hear Matts guitar work against the bass and drum work in a studio recording.
For a first full length band album, the four have done a great job. Great to listen to, nice and warm. No hard lyrics, great flow. A lot of attention was paid before and after recording of the songs and how they were placed. I like Silverspark as a band, the way they have recorded and made this album possible.

DJ Readman
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