Monday, 29 September 2014

Life update

Edited 19th October
I moved for the first time in 40 years in April. I am moving the second time in a year, go figure.
I found a place, through an estate agent. It seems Private Landlords do not advertise that much and no many around. It found it pretty hard to find a flat to rent that was not through an estate agent. An estate agent it was. The flat i am currently in has already been taken and i have just over a week before i move out.

The are old fashioned sash windows and let every bit of sound in, The are nit average size, in fact there are 5 huge windows, that give no cusion at all. By the looks as of it, they have not been maintained, repaired or painted, which would have helped. Also the rent is more than i thought, so it was time to move

Radio? addicted
Due to moving, the net is being transfered. This means a break in radio broadcasting. I have used my phone in the past. The problem is there, my iphone 4s is rubbish at a balance and constant net connection. My Samsung note 1 was far better at connection

Paul Readman

Monday, 15 September 2014

Canal Walks

I went on a walk from Banbury Lock ( By the Mill Theatre) to the King Sutton Bridge ( Next Village on the route) Saturday 13th September. I was not going to take loads of photos, then i thought, do it for a it of fun. Got quite a reaction on Facebook( You know how people love pictures ;) )
I was going to make an album, but that just copying the photos. Instead i put up this.

All the pictures below were mainly taken with my Iphone 4s and a few with my Cannon sureshot. I did some some video as well
More walks to come. I don't know when, but i love walking along the canal

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Bioshock, just a bit

I found this out last night (September 2nd), looking round the app store for new games, when i come across, Bioshock? Oh nice, looooovely....but, hold up, only works on tablet and phones no less that 6 months old??? Iphone 5 and Air etc?

I don't mind the £10 price tag or the space it uses on your pad, 1.6gig or something? thats nothing
I have never owned Bioshock, more for money reasons, as i like Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. Now, thing are different and i like tablet gaming and " High End" games, i call them.
As far as i am aware, this is the first app that has been release this way. I hope its the last. I don;t mind upgrading my devices, but for one game, nope
What i  find irritating, is the you can buy one for the ps3 of one of them or the most recent release and that is 
the full game and the console is 6 years old. Further more,  E.A games released the Mass Effect app last year, works wonders, with sound and some of the best graphics i have seen on an app. That works on the ipad2, just fine. Why did 2k release the app in this fashion??
Shame, i would like to experience it, but they have shot themselves in the foot in my opinion. If had a really old tablet, i would not be bothered, but this is the first time this has occured. This may happen more, who knows, then i can't buy off the app store then.  Apps, look to go the same way a consoles probably,. I have a Xbox one, but the game is only for the ps4 syndrome
My whole point in buying a tablet was go completely game on my ipad 2. This year, i went back to consoles to buy a game. The reason for this is not every game is available yet on the app store. This is fine, but i would developers would put their foot down as i live tablet gaming. I have bought, Tomb Raider, Mas Effect, Myst, Resident Evil and a few others. As you can see, i like high end game.
I will, in the end, buy a more recent, tablet. Anyone got £400, i thought not ;)

Paul Readmam
Irritated game reviewer ( Not all the time, just sometimes)

Among the Echoes - Fracture ( Album ) review

Like with any album, you do not know what to expect,
I have seen, Among the Echoes, live a few times, but obviously that is different to a studio release.
They have darkwave electro guitar sounds thats very rich, great beats and the carisma of Ian Wall on leads vocals.
I know that,  Sam Wale. the main guitarist of the band, is also the sound engineer and i couldn't wait for the results of this recording
The one thing i have always liked, is a strong opening that leads you into the songs.  The opening, is very subtle. that builds up, then explodes into the song, Fracture.
The sound is combination of two guitarists, Riddel and Sam, with Steve on keyboards and Ian Wall on main vocals. They have used this to great effect in new songs, Hate ( My current favourite and live) and the rerecordings of, Pure and Freak
The opening of the album goes for the same with the songs. All the songs are pretty catchy as you remember them, especially with the first probably ten seconds. There is something there, you remember after a few listens to a song. 
The album has a nice flow.  Sam has an done an amazing job putting it all together. The album is not a studio version of a live performance as getting a raw sound is not easy, but the journey the album takes, draws you in for a great experience. This album makes you want to see them live.
I knew this would be a good album, with the work Sam has been doing, especially with the current releases of Johnny Normal and the last single the band released, Midnight. This tune is also on this album and the production is as smooth as you can get it. That goes for every song on the album. 
The other element i like of the album is Ian Walls vocals. Has a unique style, soft, and projectable ( Depends on the song) The album brings out his range.  

The only gripe i have with this album is something that i have found in general with many band albums, is track length and general album length. I have no idea if its just the way the songs are written, or its just a habbit the band has got into, but, i never seen a good long tune on many albums. Fracture is another example of a lot of radio friendly lengthly songs. It would be nice to see some epic length club tune, about 6 minutes. Tunes can be remixed, but longer originals would be nice 

Other than that, great album. Its doesn't go by fast when listening, the flow that the band have produced keep your ears entertained
The band influences, are many 80s, but this is a fine modern album
I bought the album and the T shirt at the August gig, yes, i am a fan :)

Paul Readman aka DJ Readman
Online music promoter, radio broadcaster, interviewer and gig filmer