Monday, 29 September 2014

Life update

Edited 19th October
I moved for the first time in 40 years in April. I am moving the second time in a year, go figure.
I found a place, through an estate agent. It seems Private Landlords do not advertise that much and no many around. It found it pretty hard to find a flat to rent that was not through an estate agent. An estate agent it was. The flat i am currently in has already been taken and i have just over a week before i move out.

The are old fashioned sash windows and let every bit of sound in, The are nit average size, in fact there are 5 huge windows, that give no cusion at all. By the looks as of it, they have not been maintained, repaired or painted, which would have helped. Also the rent is more than i thought, so it was time to move

Radio? addicted
Due to moving, the net is being transfered. This means a break in radio broadcasting. I have used my phone in the past. The problem is there, my iphone 4s is rubbish at a balance and constant net connection. My Samsung note 1 was far better at connection

Paul Readman

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