Sunday, 13 July 2014

Playing console games again

It's funny, I never thought I would get back into games. The last console I had was a ps2 and the gathered dust. Although, playing games was not the first thought for getting a console.
I wanted a Bluray player than played DVDs. I then thought, hold on, I want to go back to playing games again.  The only earlier console I know of, that plays all three, is ps3.
As a birthday preent to myself in June, I went on Gumtree. I found one locally for a great price. I went to collect and bingo, I now have a PS3.

The only hurdle
I had fun with it, checking it out. I had forgot, you can go online with the machine. I tried in vein to ego to the Playstation Store to download new demos and all the fun stuff. It kept coming up " Down for Maintenance" this was for a week. I thought, by now, something was wrong, thought it was the console. Turned out, you have to register first. I did this, then I got straight on. Why does it not say that on the screen "You have to register" stupid lot

I found, as the console is 8 years old, the games a pretty reasonable. I got games with it, but most I did not care for.  I exchanged at CEX, four games for Tomb Raider. That's right, I am a fan. Then I got Uncharted, Resident Evil 5 , the three top games serials (In my opinion)

Connecting to the net

This is probably obvious to many people, but the console is not designed to be a PC. I connected for fun with a cable. It runs, goes to an open browser, but the speed, I would say, like having half a ram.  I would not use it to access the net. It's ok in an emergency situation, but other than that. Download speeds for games are good though, just the browser speed


Not yet. I am not prepared to pay near £50 for a game, I have bills to pay. I don't recall ps3 games costing that much on first release?  Some special editions perhaps with merchandise, but not ordinary games

I am have and will continue to have fun with my ps3. It's a fine machine. Plays Blu Rays and DVDs fine. It's good as a multi format system. 

If you have thinking of getting or replacing a Blu Ray Player want to play games as well, a used ps3 Gomes in at the same price as a stand alone BluRay / DVD player

Have fun
Paul Readman
DJ Resdman

What has been happening

Got past the first three months living in the flat and it's very nice. Bills are lower than expected, although, not had the electric bill yet. Scottish Power, for some reason, are dragging their arse over this. We wait with baited breath.
Everything is now organised, back on the net, radio and vlogging more.
The garden I managed to acquire, I have found it hard to find time to start. I Thought, after work, not happened, weekends, not happened yet. I have to make time, even if it's just an hour.
I have got back to collecting vinyl records, YES :) it's suprising what you miss. And for the first in a couple of years, I am playing console games again.(Another blog)
The band I am in has slowed down for the moment. The drummer managed to get house swap and then went to America for most of July. There will be no movement until then
I am glad I was able to move, it took too long. Obviously you have to have income and then save. It's not easy. 
Thanks for reading
Paul Readman
Dj Readman

Outside Broadcasting

This year, I have hit a wall with broadcasting in other locations or outside. My laptop is seems, does not like heat, even with a fan. I found this out when I broadcast from Castle House in January and February.
In the flat I have not had issues probably more ventilation, it's possible. I am about to have guests here as there is more room. Until I get funds I am no longer broadcasting outside. The next step, is to buy a Mac.  See how it holds up. I have no funds at this point in time for one, so this side if holted

Dj Readman

Saturday, 12 July 2014

From Vlog to radio with music submissions

Thought i would explain this in a blog. My system with music submissions.


You can send any sounds you like, although the quality has to be good enough for radio broadcast. The stream broadcasts at 128k CD quality. It can be a demo, live recording, studio, as long as the quality is there.  At the moment, the only sound i have been  refusing, unless it something very unique, is rap/hiphop. I have become less of a fan over the last few years and really not much has convinced me otherwise.  Other than that, send away.

Vlog Music Update
Those that are highlighted, are on the weekly vlog, does not matter if its a single, album or an ep, i mention it. I do not play any music, as i am careful with audio track. However i am always adding additional content to the video, including, playing videos via my ipad and i have added a 30 second clip of a song on the video track with an accompanying image. In general, i only put my radio jingle, which opens and closes it

The only thing that ages in videos is me, but music never does age.  I keep in mind that many people watch videos randomly, not in order. Although this is a vlog series, i know not everyone views them that way. I try and record the videos so their not time stamped, so you can watch them no matter what day, month or decade you watch it in.  I also link the show on the video description. I do that so when you have seen the video, and want to hear the music, you can go to the podcast and listen to the show.

Video description

Links to videos, music clips, twitters, Facebooks, Mixclouders and Youtubers, all go in the description below the video. This includes the recorded radio shows

New and previous submissions

From Vlog 11, as well as highlighting new and fourthcoming releases, i go back to pull out eps and albums that i have bought, releated to music i am play, or something i have not played in a while and i go back to.

A poster is made for video Thumbnail. There are two images that go on the poster to Highlight artists. Any music i receive nearer the recorded day, still gets Highlighted, just not shown on the poster

When i upload and go live

The day i record and upload a video is Monday night. I changed the title from, Sunday Vlog to Weekly music update, as recording on a Sunday, was getting a bit tight for time

Live Radio broadcasts

I broadcast live on, Music World Radio, every, Thursday night 8-10pm. Depending on track length, i play around 22 songs on a show. All bands mentioned on the vlog i play. An album, 4 songs, ,which is usually one every half hour.

Live Broadcast to Podcast

The live broadcast, then gets upload to, Mixcloud, the next day, There is no difference in the broadcast to when it is uploaded. The only time there is a difference, if there is an error of some kind, like a connection drop, or a song goes wrong. Other than that, the same show

Every Week

The Vlog and the radio broadcast and podcast are every week. Thats the system in place. The only time the radio show is on a weekend, is when i have a live guest.This is on a Saturday. Other than that, Vlog on Monday and the live broadcast on Thursday

Thankyou for reading
Paul Readman aka DJ Readman
Radio Variety Show

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Open Show Artist for July. Blackdoghat

The Open Show Promotion is an artists features at the beginning and end of each show thoughout a month. The second song is played thoughout on "Voiceover segments"

Blackdoghat, fabulous trio/ duo, depends when they perform
Throughout July 2014, i am playing the songs from the new BARK! ep. This is, John Sage, Ian Nicholson and on this recording, Cello by tine Wulf from Germany.
I have been playing BDH ( As their also known) for over a year, part from their live performance in the RVS studio in April 2013. BARK is the second released from the Acoustic act, the first was the full length album, Planetarium
There are 6 songs on the new ep, and all will be featured on each show thoughout the month

This is the show that starts the July promotion

                                  BDH Facebook      Radio Variety Show