Saturday, 5 July 2014

Open Show Artist for July. Blackdoghat

The Open Show Promotion is an artists features at the beginning and end of each show thoughout a month. The second song is played thoughout on "Voiceover segments"

Blackdoghat, fabulous trio/ duo, depends when they perform
Throughout July 2014, i am playing the songs from the new BARK! ep. This is, John Sage, Ian Nicholson and on this recording, Cello by tine Wulf from Germany.
I have been playing BDH ( As their also known) for over a year, part from their live performance in the RVS studio in April 2013. BARK is the second released from the Acoustic act, the first was the full length album, Planetarium
There are 6 songs on the new ep, and all will be featured on each show thoughout the month

This is the show that starts the July promotion

                                  BDH Facebook      Radio Variety Show

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