Sunday, 13 July 2014

Playing console games again

It's funny, I never thought I would get back into games. The last console I had was a ps2 and the gathered dust. Although, playing games was not the first thought for getting a console.
I wanted a Bluray player than played DVDs. I then thought, hold on, I want to go back to playing games again.  The only earlier console I know of, that plays all three, is ps3.
As a birthday preent to myself in June, I went on Gumtree. I found one locally for a great price. I went to collect and bingo, I now have a PS3.

The only hurdle
I had fun with it, checking it out. I had forgot, you can go online with the machine. I tried in vein to ego to the Playstation Store to download new demos and all the fun stuff. It kept coming up " Down for Maintenance" this was for a week. I thought, by now, something was wrong, thought it was the console. Turned out, you have to register first. I did this, then I got straight on. Why does it not say that on the screen "You have to register" stupid lot

I found, as the console is 8 years old, the games a pretty reasonable. I got games with it, but most I did not care for.  I exchanged at CEX, four games for Tomb Raider. That's right, I am a fan. Then I got Uncharted, Resident Evil 5 , the three top games serials (In my opinion)

Connecting to the net

This is probably obvious to many people, but the console is not designed to be a PC. I connected for fun with a cable. It runs, goes to an open browser, but the speed, I would say, like having half a ram.  I would not use it to access the net. It's ok in an emergency situation, but other than that. Download speeds for games are good though, just the browser speed


Not yet. I am not prepared to pay near £50 for a game, I have bills to pay. I don't recall ps3 games costing that much on first release?  Some special editions perhaps with merchandise, but not ordinary games

I am have and will continue to have fun with my ps3. It's a fine machine. Plays Blu Rays and DVDs fine. It's good as a multi format system. 

If you have thinking of getting or replacing a Blu Ray Player want to play games as well, a used ps3 Gomes in at the same price as a stand alone BluRay / DVD player

Have fun
Paul Readman
DJ Resdman

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