Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Submission player

When i started getting submissions for my radio shows i thought, where shall i put them. The main promotion is radioplay, but where else.......aahh, jukebox?

The digital version of the jukebox was created...i just like the term jukebox :)
 I have many submissions and music from radio performance and some interview segments on Reverbnation and Soundcloud

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Radio Variety Show( Monday 28th Jan) Lumps, 68-75, Giskard, Silverspark and loads more

To the STATION.......Music!
Another great show, with loads of people around on the shoutbox
Below is round up of the music played

Open Show Album Promotion band

Continued the Album Show promotion with songs
by American Funk Rockers 68-75( Suzanne left lead singer)

Within show feature
We had the start of Dr Jest ( Dog Food) completely made up ( Although from CDs) Lumps series, full of great and unusal songs from the 50 and 60s.
Dr Jest

Late feature
Ask for late submission and you will revieve them....from...
English Rockers, Giskard. Sneeker bugger James Steer sent me song, who was already on my Facebook( He kept that quiet)
Some great power roc, and had two songs from the band

Regularly featured
Also we had a treat for listeners, my wife, Rhonda, introduced another Blackdoghat song.( John sent her some sketches)
We played a song thats now getting more hooked with the bassline, To the Nothern Sea

Regularly featured 
We also had Silverspark listen in. We played an track from their ep and a while later  a live  song from when they appeared live on 10th January


Here is the show

Friday, 25 January 2013

Prahjekt, 68-73, Popdogs (Radio Variety Show, January 24th)

Thursday was the turn of on the Radio Variety Show........

Prahjekt..( Projects) the twisted pronounciation of Chris Saffle. The new electro producer on the block


Currently on the Album Promotion series ( Its actually 2 eps) Is Rock outfit from Atlanta Georgia


We had more good music from Magick Temple, Popdogs, listener request and two songs by blackdoghat, which my wife introduced ( Popular lass, its the Canadian accent)

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Possible function room for live radio shows

For a very long time, i have been trying to move radio shows out of the house
Today i went to see the Manager at Banburys Old Auctioneer the bar down Parson Street in Banbury which has been in business for well over a year now.
I talked to the manager about using their free function room for radio shows.
One of the main reasons is for live guests. At the moment its two people maximum. People do not mind skype, but to be honest, people in the same room is better

I gave him the outlay of what it is. The room is over twice the size of the room i currently use and they have wifi. The only two rules for the show at the Old Auctioneer is i am staying with the live acoustic format with live performances and that you buy the odd drink from the bar, which was pointed out by the assistant manger,  but i don't think anyone minds

With the room, its small section of the dinning area they have.  I can only do this on Fridays and Saturdays.
I showed the manager footage from, Silverspark, as its possible any bands that come along could possibly get booked.  Like with Silverspark the performed for about 20 minute, with some songs left for full band, which is fair enough

To give you an idea of space, this is the blog i created for Silversparks visit. It gives you an idea of the space needed

Anyone else sees this and can offer free space, i have no problem plugging the venue. I do Facebook event for the shows and get banner for the least its some publicity, least i can do

The two possible bands i mentioned to him are Aggravated, who can performance acoustic, as they have been on Skype before and Blackdoghat, which is in the wings at the moment

Dj Readman - Radio Variety Show

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

( Live Radio interview) Jet the return

Yes, she skyped it, but the white stuff outside
Jet Noir was the special guest last night, with Tony Mayo, her manager.  There was lots to talk about and when the questions ran out, we just chated and good excuse to play some music.  For some reason there was running joke about Batman and obin, although Robin does not where black
Also found out last night, which i never knew about until i was broadcasting and i saw it mentioned on a Facebook conversation, is the fact that Steve Kleenex on Facebook runs the Alternative punk website, The black Flag. This is where Jet is selling her hard copy of Emotion Chess.

Cult with no Name was played last night as Evole or Die have a gig in Camden London with Naked Lunch. This is funded by Tony Mayo and John Costello and if at all possible, Jet will make an appearance

     Black Flag                 Jets Facebook   Naked Lunch website  Naked Lunch Facebook
( Album hard copy)                                           (Includes Jet)

Cult with no Name
(On gig lineup)

The Show

Friday, 18 January 2013

(Article) Music is not free

(Picture if Silverspark a full time working band)
This is a subject that has been flying around a lot recently.  Music is not free.
The internet is one big misconseption in terms of music. As soon as the light went out on many record shops, people automatically assume music is for free when it is on up on the net....who told you that?.
The only way you get free, if its illegal, or if a label is giving away a free download to promote an album or a remix.  If course some bands give their music away for free

This, an mp3 is less than a cup of Coffee viral picture going around the net, is also a form of mis information.  Mp3 is not as good quality as cup of coffee( Depends on the blend), Wav is. Want to support the music you like more, buy the wav files

Music costs money to make. No matter which we you look at it, It costs money to buy software, probably equipment, but it depends what you are recording. Thats usually a demo, depends who has the skills to multitrack.. In many cases, bands go into studios with engineers and then the mastering process, which costs money

Selling music

New Usb, is one of the most recent examples of this. They closed and then reopened with a no business model in place. They totally reorganised everything and now charging for services and have reopened the other half of the site, which is basic non paid version.  No matter how much people want to, you can have all services for free, its just not possible

Now a musician

Then there is selling music. This is the biggest issue for many years in the music industry.  Digital music has, in a way, clouded peoples judgement.  First of all, like a said in a previous blog, Wav files are the original version of a mixed down track.  There are also vinyl, CDs and perhaps DVD, depends on the material you have, but that costs money up front...but what it wrong with that??
When you upload you music to a website for sale, you have to promote the hell out of it, unless you have quick following.  All websites charge something, either monthly or yearly or per sale. so the artists has to make money to cover that

There is also the matter if gigging. This takes transport, fuel,, packing and unpacking equipment. It also depends how far the gig is. It takes money for a musicians to do many things

The cost of music
An mp3 is 99p. a Wav is £1.99( In may cases)
Vinyl £1.99 to £ .its a hard copy and its pressed so you expect to pay a little extra..common sense

The reason mp3s cost less, is there us no physical distribution, although digital music can easily be stolen
Hard copies or merchandise, depends where you go, are CDs and vinyl. These have to be physically distributed. Unless you nick a copy from a shop or hijack the truck, harder to steal

When was the last time you went into a shop and bought a record? Many people are still able to because shops are still open. Many have not and this is where online comes in

If you discover a band, either through my shows or someone else and you like it...don't take the piss and nick it, be respectful and buy it.  Even a WAV is only £1.99, which is the price of the average 7" single If you can by the merchadise, the more the merrier :)

I saw a great thread on a label Facebook regardinging delivery prices to a European country.  If you want a new product trasported from A-b, via mailorder, it costs money.  I can never understand the fasination with online sales.  Ita a great idea, but many a time you end up paying more for your item as the cost of delivery is on top.  I see people moaning about it on the thread. I all i can see, if you don't want to pay for the delivery, you could have supported your local record shop

Thanks for reading

(Music review) 68-75 ( American Funk Rock)

Every now and again, quality funk rock comes along. I have not heard music of this quality for a while. These guys hail from, Atlanta Georgia and the first artists that they remind me of, that comes to mind, Lenny Kravitz.
The sounds is incredible, takes you back to the 70s.  That and Suzys voice, shes is like the female Lenny Kravitz.

The songs are very popular, very retro in sound, which is not easy to capture.
Trail of the dead, which seems to be a popular song, partly due to the title. Great song, lots of power.
In general, the songs released at the moment take you back to the 70s and i had picture in my head of the film, The Devils Rejects as that has a 70s soundtrack

The main draw of this, is Suzys voice. Now with female vocalist and rock you need power. Probably obviously, but its true.  If you have no power you can't sing over a loud sound. Suzy has that rock edge which you need and goes very well with the sound
I was trying to figure out why they called themselves 68-75? My best guess is, thats the era they are trying to capture, which in a way, they have.  Watch out for these guys


Our Facebook

Radio show) Silverspark visit

Much fun was had with the cat wizzing around wanting attention and with. Carley who has such a wonderful singing voice and Matt is wiz on the guitar and creates some fine hooks.
They are one of the very few bands that are full time musicians, which pays the bills.

The came down to Banbury on Thursday 10th January for a couple of hours.  We had a chat a laugh and they performed four songs some off their ep and some not
You rarely get an act with music with commitment like this and it was pleasure to have them perform In House
This is a 4 minute clip of the interview my wife took. The question was about writting and about multitracking their songs
This is the first song earlier in the show.
The audio is the original tablet quality, which is fine. This will be replaced with the better
broadcast audio soon

This the second part of the performance, all in one and three songs

The audio was edted from the radio broadcast. The original sound was from the Tablet it was recorded on

This is the full uncut as broadcast audio from the show

There is more to come, which includes footage from part of the interview 
Band Facebook

Our Facebook

Thursday, 17 January 2013

(Article) Wav Files..the original music

Wav files   The widescreen of mp3 pan and scan

Updated 22/01/13
Wav are the professional recording studio and now home studio industry standard.  When you hear a new songs, all the elements, whether it be guitar, drums, vocals, keyboards, they all get mixed down to one stereo mix, which usually is a way file.  You can play on most media players, but for some reason, they have got overlooked by the public

Before the internet came along, they were unavailable to the public because only professional walk recording studios used them, which went to plants for pressing vinyls and other hard copies. Wav is also better than CDs, as CDs sound is also a compression format

The reason for lack of Wav sales? is because mp3s became commerical first. MP3s are the first compressed formar to hit the market though illegal download sites. Whether you like it or not, the industry, which is now colapsing around people ears, stole the idea and made it legal

The files size difference between a wav and an mp3 is very big. An average size mp3 is 20mb or less, Wav is 50 to 100mb for 3-6 minutes song

The reason, i personally don't like mp3 is sometimes the sound quality, but sometimes the manipulation of the sound. They are various rates from watery really rubbish quality sound which is around the 96 mark, upto 320k, which is the clearest

Many people do not understand that wav is the original digital format. It has been used for many years, before mp3s come along.  If you want to support a band or more than one in digital form,, buy the wav it up and you get the full unliquified quality

Dj Readman

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

( In house band) Silverspark 10th January

Silverspark are Matt( Guitar) and Carley ( Vocals)
The duo are gaining a great reputation for their solid recordings, Careys great voice and just all round package of the music

Thursday on the Independent Variety Show, they are live, talking about what general going on, their music and performing many songs from their ep ( Above) and probably cover or two
Want to request a song or answer questions in the shoutbox live? then you can
Facebook will be open as well
You can request our Facebook and pop up on a chatbox
You can also text the duo on 07810518778, give a shout out or a question

And of course on a Thursday night, this is being channeled through New Usb

To listen

Mobile/ Tablet Tunein radio app
This is you can download from Google Play or App Store
This will also be rebroadcast on Monday 10-12 on Gr Broadcasting

Sunday, 6 January 2013

2013 broadcasting

2013 has begun and we bolt out of a weeks break with the first Music World Radio chart show of the year. I  have guest presenting the show this week, many of you know this person. We are going to counting down the chart one by one :)

First show of the year January 7th
After my first ever radio holiday break, i am back. More to come on the playlist. On the shortlist is three songs that i submitted from three artists that are up for the mwr chart voting. Also selected songs from the new album by Rupert Stroud


Jet Noir returns...January/ February
She loved it so much the first time, the she is coming again. The Trance Queen from Oxford, will be chating and be accompanied by Naked Lunch from man, Tony Mayo

Silverspark  Thursday 10th January
First performance of the year, coming from Matt and Carey from Daventry, Silverspark. They have already gained new fans through my shows i broadcast since i began to play their music on the playlist
Full two hours special, with chat and Acoustic performance


This will be a special weekend edition, due to scheduling, Two of the now trio that make up the name, including well known guitarist, John Sage
Watch out for this in the next month or two
More to come

Radioplay promotion


This is the main areas of my music promotion i do for artists.
I had a website up until recently and had trouble with the page editing and domain. So i opened up blog and reorganised things.

I promote through my online radio shows. This is through Music World Radio. I have a 'cult following', as someone once put it and i always try to add to the promotion when i have an idea

This is the basics if what it involves

Live Radio shows

These i do for free, for the last 4 years as a hobbie.  I have been broadcasting in free form talk, music , talk, John Pee style show.  I broadcast twice a week in the evenings, Monday and Thursday.  An average, twice i month, i have a live interview, performance or both, either via Skype and sometimes if it is possible, an in house guest
All these radio show are live and its the interaction that people like. The station has a live shoutbox and i am on Facebook when i broadcast.  It would be good if i could get a paid radio slot on a station, but these things happen


The podcasts i released are the uncut, As broadcast ,radio shows. What you heard live, is what was broadcast live.  The only time editing is done is when there is a net connection of some kind.  The main artists of any show are compiled onto a poster for the podcast. On the podcast the picture is on display with a playlist of all music played and all artists links on the description


This began in June 2012. Mainly compiled of upto 4 images from the main artists of the show.
Recently changed this to a brick wall background on posters, to give a more underground look
The posters are using on all podcasts and on my Facebook, where i have a photo gallery set up


I have a Facebook for radio show and music content. The radio shows go under the album, Radio Variety Show. Every poster from each show goes into the gallery, then the podcast link is added


Replacing the website, which i had trouble with is the lastest edition to the promotion and linked to my Facebook. With this blog i write out about the up and coming shows, music review( Which also has a photo album) and more


Want to utilise your free texts, well, here is your chance
From this month on the show i am accepting texts for songs requests and shoutouts, especially when we have guests. I will answer back with a reply


This started in 2011, with giving away CDs. to save cost as such, although downloads, its just easier to send.  And because we have live performances, we can use these as competition prises.
The question is always something band related and there is an a,b,c option. One of them is the right answer.  The competition only runs on that show, no other. the winner get annonced 15 minutes before the end of the usually 9.45pm

This what we do. no money flows through this, unless we get sponsered. Although the Music World Radio is non profit, we aren't. We use and love the station to broadcast, which is for radioplay of artists music and they ge good feedback though it
We have gained a good reputation thought.  At the moment there is no website, although another one is going to be set up
Also Music World Radio is NOT my station, although people believe it is. The boss of the station is Magick Temple

I do this for the love of music, but nothing is free.  Coming onto the net is an going cost and obviously takes time of my day to organise things.  When i get work, this might have to take a backstep, who knows.
Do you like what you see? We are always coming up with a promotion or extra content.
Want to sponser us or submit music or want to donate?. Contact us by e-mail if you have seen this.

Thankyou for reading
text 07810518778