Friday, 18 January 2013

(Music review) 68-75 ( American Funk Rock)

Every now and again, quality funk rock comes along. I have not heard music of this quality for a while. These guys hail from, Atlanta Georgia and the first artists that they remind me of, that comes to mind, Lenny Kravitz.
The sounds is incredible, takes you back to the 70s.  That and Suzys voice, shes is like the female Lenny Kravitz.

The songs are very popular, very retro in sound, which is not easy to capture.
Trail of the dead, which seems to be a popular song, partly due to the title. Great song, lots of power.
In general, the songs released at the moment take you back to the 70s and i had picture in my head of the film, The Devils Rejects as that has a 70s soundtrack

The main draw of this, is Suzys voice. Now with female vocalist and rock you need power. Probably obviously, but its true.  If you have no power you can't sing over a loud sound. Suzy has that rock edge which you need and goes very well with the sound
I was trying to figure out why they called themselves 68-75? My best guess is, thats the era they are trying to capture, which in a way, they have.  Watch out for these guys


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