Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Radio Variety Show( Monday 28th Jan) Lumps, 68-75, Giskard, Silverspark and loads more

To the STATION.......Music!
Another great show, with loads of people around on the shoutbox
Below is round up of the music played

Open Show Album Promotion band

Continued the Album Show promotion with songs
by American Funk Rockers 68-75( Suzanne left lead singer)

Within show feature
We had the start of Dr Jest ( Dog Food) completely made up ( Although from CDs) Lumps series, full of great and unusal songs from the 50 and 60s.
Dr Jest

Late feature
Ask for late submission and you will revieve them....from...
English Rockers, Giskard. Sneeker bugger James Steer sent me song, who was already on my Facebook( He kept that quiet)
Some great power roc, and had two songs from the band

Regularly featured
Also we had a treat for listeners, my wife, Rhonda, introduced another Blackdoghat song.( John sent her some sketches)
We played a song thats now getting more hooked with the bassline, To the Nothern Sea

Regularly featured 
We also had Silverspark listen in. We played an track from their ep and a while later  a live  song from when they appeared live on 10th January


Here is the show

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