Tuesday, 22 January 2013

( Live Radio interview) Jet the return

Yes, she skyped it, but the white stuff outside
Jet Noir was the special guest last night, with Tony Mayo, her manager.  There was lots to talk about and when the questions ran out, we just chated and good excuse to play some music.  For some reason there was running joke about Batman and obin, although Robin does not where black
Also found out last night, which i never knew about until i was broadcasting and i saw it mentioned on a Facebook conversation, is the fact that Steve Kleenex on Facebook runs the Alternative punk website, The black Flag. This is where Jet is selling her hard copy of Emotion Chess.

Cult with no Name was played last night as Evole or Die have a gig in Camden London with Naked Lunch. This is funded by Tony Mayo and John Costello and if at all possible, Jet will make an appearance

     Black Flag                 Jets Facebook   Naked Lunch website  Naked Lunch Facebook
( Album hard copy)                                           (Includes Jet)

Cult with no Name
(On gig lineup)

The Show

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