Thursday, 17 January 2013

(Article) Wav Files..the original music

Wav files   The widescreen of mp3 pan and scan

Updated 22/01/13
Wav are the professional recording studio and now home studio industry standard.  When you hear a new songs, all the elements, whether it be guitar, drums, vocals, keyboards, they all get mixed down to one stereo mix, which usually is a way file.  You can play on most media players, but for some reason, they have got overlooked by the public

Before the internet came along, they were unavailable to the public because only professional walk recording studios used them, which went to plants for pressing vinyls and other hard copies. Wav is also better than CDs, as CDs sound is also a compression format

The reason for lack of Wav sales? is because mp3s became commerical first. MP3s are the first compressed formar to hit the market though illegal download sites. Whether you like it or not, the industry, which is now colapsing around people ears, stole the idea and made it legal

The files size difference between a wav and an mp3 is very big. An average size mp3 is 20mb or less, Wav is 50 to 100mb for 3-6 minutes song

The reason, i personally don't like mp3 is sometimes the sound quality, but sometimes the manipulation of the sound. They are various rates from watery really rubbish quality sound which is around the 96 mark, upto 320k, which is the clearest

Many people do not understand that wav is the original digital format. It has been used for many years, before mp3s come along.  If you want to support a band or more than one in digital form,, buy the wav it up and you get the full unliquified quality

Dj Readman

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