Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Music Revolution Promotion. going to the next level

Over time of broadcasting, it has been thought about many times of hiring out a place or have a permant base outside living premises for Music Revolution Promotion.
The main thought for this is when bands want to come down to perform and this is one of the most popular parts of radio shows.
At the moment, it is not possible, due to radio shows not bringing in revenue and of course only two shows a week.
This is not, Music World Radio moving, its just my shows and have more space
I have the Music Revolution Promotion site, which i opened up some time ago as a place that was seperate for radio shows, recorded shows, music reviews and so on.  I have always wanted to move the shows elsewhere to acomodate bands when performing.
There are places in town and one at the moment, but obviously it takes finance.

Many ideas flow through the brain, but nothing works without action.
I only do two shows a week, as this is not a full time job, its a hobbie.

Having a premises present many opportunities for advertising.  There is the website, my Facebook pages and premises where you can display banners and leave leaflets. Also special shows perhaps for local business meets.

Bands can being in their merchandise for stands, sell CDs ( Of course cut is taken or give out cards with download numbers on

Have a band perform is great for listeners and very popular and always ongoing. Depends on distance with many and of course there is Skype, but thats not 100% quality, although its really good.

This is not an entire radio station, this is promoter with radio shows and a website.
The website will be used for promotion of business and money flowing through will go to opening a premises for shows. This will be open to the public and if business want to record a jingle or actually record an interview piece for the website, then that is also possible

Like i said an ongoing idea that takes money :)  The website we are on is free, purely because no revenue is flowing through it, well substanual enough anyway

Dj Readman

Music Revolution Promotion

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Open show album promotion

<p>Want you album promoted on radio in a slightly different way?</p>
<p>This began in June this year. Spur of the moment idea, play a song from an album, going in track order at the top of each show. Also every time there is a voiceover segment a song on the background from the album is played.
I do.this every 4 week's, which 8 shows.
Other than that no specific rules other got to be really good quality creative music.


Radio cinema

Everyone likes a film, but what about a film on radio? 
I am always looking for different content for radio shows and films is now coming back into them.
It really suprised me what is in an audio track of a film. For example, did a feature on from Dusk Til Dawn, sampled segments from the film. You get music, effectes, dialogue, a little of everything.
This does not only apply to classic, applies to new films. Making a film, want some promotion, live interview? I make my shows as diverse as I can make them

Dj readman

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Music format

<p>Since mp3s were made a commercial format there as been an ongoing debate between MP3s, cds and vinyl. Lets clear the mist</p>
<p>MP3- the most messed about portable music device since the invention of music.&nbsp; Easy to find, but easy to steal. The top bitrate is 320k and you can tell the difference the lower you go, its a suit format when not used correctly and not bad when done professionaly</p>
<p>CDs the middle format and far superior to mp3. 5 inch disc that contains more sound and more depth. On of the best.</p>
<p>Vinyl. - Top of the rang, the Least compressed out of every format and around since the end of world war 2. The best format for music ever created.   Want music with the most depth and range, even with olderm mono albums, the vinyl it is

Music has been around for centuries. 78s were the first mass produced, but they could not take much content and easily damaged. This is partly the reason vinyl was introducee, purely at the beginning for mailing.

MP3 is so popular as its a mobile music format. You can use them on practically anything.. The only major downside is use lose so much of the song
Next time your laptop, look at the file size difference between a wav file( higher than MP3) and MP3, then you will realise how bad MP3s actually are

Friday, 17 August 2012

Thankyou for voting

As well as radio broadcasting, I create music. I have been guitar for many years and through the radio shows, hooked up with Gary Cormans to start this and I am gradually building a following. This project has only been going a few months.
For everyone that has, the support is appreciated and the voting is as well.
I have over 100 views on the official video to, Pirates in My Sink which is like. Wow :)
Releasing music is different to what it used to be and I grasp that with Facebook and YouTube.
I am considering going on one of these Kickstart site to raise funds for an ep or album and help pay for iTunes release which does cost money. Self releasing is not easy, a lot of work is involved
Many thanks for voting everyone out there
From Friday 23rd August we are at number 15 after 11 weeks
Its a week by week voting system. You goto and vote.
This fine to do and more music to come

Pirate Readman;)

Motorcycle Man

A bit of time has passed, so now is the time for another song.
Motorcycle Man was originally going to be powercords but yesterday I thought, no, so rearranged the cords.
When performing a song a try not to change the poem the Gary Cornman sent. It may happen, depending on the poem and the feel
This song is Rock, or kind of easy rider style inspired. There is verses and chorus and I change cords for the Chorus.

I was going to go for a more piratey feel, but that would mean changing the poem to much
Will be made available later

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Pirates in My Sink

This was a turn up for the books.  I have always liked music, composing it, selling and broadcasting it, all in the last 17 years and counting. Although i am in a band, The Doolallays, i have never really throught about performing or recording songs solo, although i hit a phaze of producing electro music, which i still have and put up with my acoustic music recently.

This all started through my radio shows on Music World Radio.  You build up connections and i got to know Gary Cornman, who writes poetry and sends it to Maini Sorri, who transforms them into songs.  I had the idea of reading something out on my shows and Gary began to send me his poems....i thought cool, will read one out.  Then i thought, it needs background music and i did not have any music, which was instrumental to go with it.   I then thought, i will use me acoustic and thats how my solo project with Gary Cornmans lyrics started.  

The first one has had a good response, Pirates in My Sink, which is an Acoustic comedy.   I have not read much poetry, but this was funny and i was laughing when i was writing it down on a pad ( Pen and paper).
My cogs started to turn about how was best to approach it.  I had the idea of background rain and thunder effects, so i added those.  The whole idea of the song is to make it sound like a pirate in a band, picking up his guitar on a ship in a storm and strumming a song.
I decided to record it as a studio version, which i did and released a video to go along with it about a month after as it took a while with getting footage from other people.  I then had the idea of nominating the song for the Music World Radio top 20 chart, just to really test the song.  Gary nominated it before i did and a few weeks after i see someone else nominated it, although it was already in the chart by then.

Acoustic style i have not really done before. I have two deck Dj mixes, a bass player and not in the Doolallays the front gutiarots. I had buy a new Acoustic as my nylon string guitar gave up on me. I also knew not everyone was going to pick it up and like it.  So far the song has been in the chart 10 weeks.

I love playing music and performing it on radio,  Eventually when i have recorded more as there is more than a few Gary has sent me, i will be performing them LIVE, yes that is the plan.  There are some more comedy and horror, all different to each other.
I also linked up with local musicians, Darren Cole, who has mini studio and start doing something with Pirates in My Sink.

I am taking this seriously with the time i have at the moment. I put it up for sale with the video i have created to promote the song.  I am think of doing a more electric version of PIrates and have Pirates Dance as well.  
There will be more recordings of more poems to come in the next few months, but i don't want to do too many at once. Might change one to a Pirate theme, as the next poem is Motorcycle Man and have been thinking of doing it in a Pirate theme. I never changed the contents of the poem but i might this time

I have put it up for sale through Paypal and Bandcamp as am seriously considering going to Kickstart or some other site, where you want to raise funds for a project.....but the packages i am thinking about at the moment as i  only have downloaded music to put up.
I have seen another band in the state start one, with recording an ep and they mention the funs will help pay for promotion and studio media time.  This is one side of music you have to get to grips with, so thats my thought at the moment. I will start writing my own soon, but for now its a colaboration between Gary Cornman and myself

I thankieee kindileeee netmates aye!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

4 years of streaming on Mwrs 5th Anniversary

When i began net broadcasting as FM broadcast is tough to get into( No idea how the choose presenters) although, that would be a dream to hit FM,  the net broadcasts i have been working on as a presenter since 2006.  I started as mix DJ when the station is my shop closed down, that was a little of both.
Jumping ahead to 2008 after being on a couple of dnb stations, which was restricting me on decks.  I wanted to spin more than dance and drum & bass, as i liked more than what i was playing and wanted to play it, but could not.
Then in that golden year, 2008, i struck gold after only a week of searching.  I found Music World Radio.  It literally had just changed about or 6 months before i joined, from Olympus Radio, to Music World Radio.  This is known as, Free form radio, although i did not know the term at the time. I wanted to emulate John Peel, who i got the bug from and the music he played.  My philosophy of radio broadcast as not really changed.  I see it as entertainment without a TV screen. I started out on mwr on decks but then the mixture of formats become more aparant. Gradually i went MP3 only, which makes it easier broadcasting wise, although i love vinyl, always will.  I have had the pleasure of broadcasting LIVE interviews and performances with pop, dance and Rock performers i could not have done with the previous stations i was on.

Music World Radio as just celebrated 5 years of net broadcast, what an achievement.  Not many station last that long.  I heard people say overtime, i am going to set up a station.   At one point i was going to do that and i was going to help someone out but that went flat.  Running a radio station is not what you think. Setting one up is simple, getting people to know you are there, holding listeners, keeping hold of presenters, managing it all, is another thing entirely.  If you want to make money out of it, you only can go certain ways... If its only for money, don't bother. If you love your music and want to try and make money, thats ok as stations with the right strategy can make money.

Want to broadcast on Music World Radio, whether you are are mix Dj or free from DJ, then by all means. I help out mwr where i can. I help collect nominations for the chart and i look around the social media when i have time.  I am commited to mwr. If i get a paid radio position, i will still remember everyone, but how likely is that,lol

Want to send me submissions you can
My music website is here

To apply to music world radio

Unsigned is old hat

Well not to say its something that is going to away, but i think its time to use a new term.  I have seen this mentioned on Facebook and it is a good point.

The term,'Unsigned' is used when a band or artist is not signed to major record label.  Now there have been independent labels for many years, other than the major labels.   But over the last few years, the big record label towers have been tumbling, since the digital age arose although in some cases, their own fault.
That is what the word, unsigned, means, but now things are changing and more and more individuals are going it alone. Some have success with an album or song and gain and audiences and some struggle, its always the way
Many that go it alone are known as ' Independent' artists, who do not want to get signed by a big label due to the politics of it all and tied in to something simular to mobile contract( If you want to get out if it, you can't).  Perfect example is Electro Pioneer, Lee Negin.  He gained fame in the earlier 80s, when the music world was much different and you had many other formats as well, what are known as ' Hard Copies' Vinyl and tapes at that time.  He travelled the world with what he released at the time and his phone did not stop ringing.   I found this out when i interviewed Lee in 2011.  He mentioned that A&R people were ringing up, trying to grab his attention. The only problem is if you do not make hit after hit after hit after hit, they do not want to he went solo, although his main job is teaching music.

Another example is Swamp Blues collective, Rattlin Bone, who have a fine album out for the past year, Life and Death of.  They gig throughout the year, have their own label, Flamin Hearts U.K and the music production, is second to have just got to have strategy in place

Unsigned may still be used but as Wily Bo Walker put it. its sound belittiling for artists. Unsigned is not a bad thing, but the meaning behind it slowing disappearing

Here's to, the 'Independent artist'