Saturday, 18 August 2012

Music format

<p>Since mp3s were made a commercial format there as been an ongoing debate between MP3s, cds and vinyl. Lets clear the mist</p>
<p>MP3- the most messed about portable music device since the invention of music.&nbsp; Easy to find, but easy to steal. The top bitrate is 320k and you can tell the difference the lower you go, its a suit format when not used correctly and not bad when done professionaly</p>
<p>CDs the middle format and far superior to mp3. 5 inch disc that contains more sound and more depth. On of the best.</p>
<p>Vinyl. - Top of the rang, the Least compressed out of every format and around since the end of world war 2. The best format for music ever created.   Want music with the most depth and range, even with olderm mono albums, the vinyl it is

Music has been around for centuries. 78s were the first mass produced, but they could not take much content and easily damaged. This is partly the reason vinyl was introducee, purely at the beginning for mailing.

MP3 is so popular as its a mobile music format. You can use them on practically anything.. The only major downside is use lose so much of the song
Next time your laptop, look at the file size difference between a wav file( higher than MP3) and MP3, then you will realise how bad MP3s actually are

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