Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Music Revolution Promotion. going to the next level

Over time of broadcasting, it has been thought about many times of hiring out a place or have a permant base outside living premises for Music Revolution Promotion.
The main thought for this is when bands want to come down to perform and this is one of the most popular parts of radio shows.
At the moment, it is not possible, due to radio shows not bringing in revenue and of course only two shows a week.
This is not, Music World Radio moving, its just my shows and have more space
I have the Music Revolution Promotion site, which i opened up some time ago as a place that was seperate for radio shows, recorded shows, music reviews and so on.  I have always wanted to move the shows elsewhere to acomodate bands when performing.
There are places in town and one at the moment, but obviously it takes finance.

Many ideas flow through the brain, but nothing works without action.
I only do two shows a week, as this is not a full time job, its a hobbie.

Having a premises present many opportunities for advertising.  There is the website, my Facebook pages and premises where you can display banners and leave leaflets. Also special shows perhaps for local business meets.

Bands can being in their merchandise for stands, sell CDs ( Of course cut is taken or give out cards with download numbers on

Have a band perform is great for listeners and very popular and always ongoing. Depends on distance with many and of course there is Skype, but thats not 100% quality, although its really good.

This is not an entire radio station, this is promoter with radio shows and a website.
The website will be used for promotion of business and money flowing through will go to opening a premises for shows. This will be open to the public and if business want to record a jingle or actually record an interview piece for the website, then that is also possible

Like i said an ongoing idea that takes money :)  The website we are on is free, purely because no revenue is flowing through it, well substanual enough anyway

Dj Readman

Music Revolution Promotion

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