Friday, 17 August 2012

Thankyou for voting

As well as radio broadcasting, I create music. I have been guitar for many years and through the radio shows, hooked up with Gary Cormans to start this and I am gradually building a following. This project has only been going a few months.
For everyone that has, the support is appreciated and the voting is as well.
I have over 100 views on the official video to, Pirates in My Sink which is like. Wow :)
Releasing music is different to what it used to be and I grasp that with Facebook and YouTube.
I am considering going on one of these Kickstart site to raise funds for an ep or album and help pay for iTunes release which does cost money. Self releasing is not easy, a lot of work is involved
Many thanks for voting everyone out there
From Friday 23rd August we are at number 15 after 11 weeks
Its a week by week voting system. You goto and vote.
This fine to do and more music to come

Pirate Readman;)

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