Monday, 20 June 2016

Familuar Strange - Maths and the Moon- Album Review

One of those moments in music where a new album takes you back to gothic darkwave indie bands of the late 80s. 90s of a high standard with catchy songs, which is a rare feet and nice skill set for a musician to have.  
When i first heard futurist, from Andy Fielder
Luke Taplin, Matt Hirst, within the first 30 seconds my ears picked up like spock from Star Trek
You have, Boomerang, moody guitars, haunting vocals, grinding bass lines. It's all there, like Psych-Seeing, which gets deep down and dirty.  You get nice Acoustics like, The Collector and on the other side of the spectrum,  an epic ten minute vocal /instrumental  in the form of, The Eclipse, 
This album reminded me of one band in particular,  Jesus in Mary Chain. I had not listened to them in some time. As soon as i heard the songs  they reflect them very well. Probably was not the intention, lucky accident perhaps. 
I honestly was not expecting to that. Independent band going through promotion company, Manilla Pr, which i am not a suprise and they should be picked up if they have not already. Thats how good this album is. 
It kind of reminds me of the last time i had this kick, which was from band, Bad Boy Eddy. The sound encompasses every 80s rock band sound and landing on one album, What one band should have done in the 80s.  Maths and Moon have accomplished the same thing, only, with the indie sound

Dog and Crow Radio Show

Monday, 4 April 2016

What can i do??? general update

I was thinking of my skills recently. You never know how things are going to turn out work wise. They have built up through my own experiences and gained some by discovering them over time.

House Keeping
I began a few years ago, which i got a few clients.. This is the basic work, all except carpet cleaning, which is possible, however have no equipment to do this with unless its hired

We can overdig, in blazing heat or pouring rain ( Done both ).The one killer is clearing grass, which i have done. This takes a long time to do. Its not as easy as weeding oh no. Its the kind along the same lines as cleaning an oven, it's time consuming. I can do it, just takes time, when you do it with a space and want most of the grass and weeds out. the is basic gardening work
In between this i  wallpaper stripped a house, which took 11 days to do. That was fun.

Video editing
Over the last year, i was asked to do music video and based on what i was putting on social media and sending other bands my work. This started after a band saw a montage i had done and they wanted a music video done. This work is not just for music video, it can be any project,
When i got into this, i was looking around. The industry standard or average is £35 an hour


I work in a sweet shop and this is how i earn by bill money and a roof over my head. There is always room for extra work, the reason i keep my options open.
Most of my work experience is shop work, so that is my background. I got gardening experience through my family and always being in the garden when i was younger. The cleaning, side,i just thought, i can do that, then go through the thought process of how to go about it. Cleaning is not difficult, just as long as you listen to clients and being on the same page
The hours i work, have changed recently. I have no complaints about the new boss, nice guy and local. Only problem is my hours have been reduced. I have turned to video editing for extra income,  which i hope will help more

Before any of this, i asked myself, what can i do to earn money, when work was not coming my way. I began with cleaning, then gardening, then got the shop job. The editing video is the most recently, although its not a new skill, i just didn't think it would turn into paid work. It has been slow, but it has been coming. I have had clients come back for more work

Cleaning: 07473297764
My number for everythiing else 07810518778

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

All About Vinyl, my new Youtube channel

Since i had another record player, my love of vinyl has got my head spinning. I started on my main channel in 2014, but went quiet as i had no working record player and had no money to buy vinyl. After moving, i found vinyl i had not sold and bought a couple things along the way
The first vinyl vlog series, has 11 episodes of various length, which is focused on the vinyl i had donated to me by members of the public, when i went online and asked if anyone had any they no longer wanted

This is series one of the vinyl vlog

This is the new channel, completely focused on the vinyl, no matter what size

New Channel and series two debut