Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Technicals, the stereo mix

Oh lord, the technicals of gadgets....

Two weeks ago, i bought a new laptop, with windows 8 on. I thought, great, new shiny laptop, will have no problems, right......erm, wrong.

Stereo mix
To broadcast and to do various recordings from different sources, you need a stereo mix driver.  This, in a way, opens your soundcard, so your laptop can record sounds from your decktop( Your own stuff, obviously). Say, you have a video and you can't record the sound? The driver allows you ,with software you have, to capture audio, while it is running.
The other use for this, is broadcasting.  This is the main issue.  Again, this opens up your soundcard, so you can broadcast music from your hard drive and use your microphone at the same time

For some reason, Windows 8 has major issue with two drivers i found. One comes up error and the other just disappears when its supposed to be installed.  Believe me, i went everywhere to try and find the information

It took me a week and still no joy

There is always an alternative to broadcast a radio show. I used to broadcast in a DJ format, mixing and using two record decks. Then it went to mp3s. Well i reverted back to not using my hard drive a music source. Instead, i used a CD player for CDs and my ipad for mp3s. bingo.  I got a comment from one DJ saying, he had never done that before...er, why not, everyone used to do it and its very good for a backup if anything does go wrong

The good old days of windows 7

In a way i regret selling my Acer. At the time of buying it new,  downloading the stereo driver was far smoother and it worked. I now want to go back to windows 7, download the stereo driver and get on with what i was doing

Now everyone needs a stereo driver, but for many things it is very handy driver to have

Problem solved
I finally discovered it was not Windows 8 that was the issue, it was the Toshiba make of laptop. Its a bit like a phone with Android operating system but on a phone made by Samsung, you have two layers of software working together. On this occasion and for the first time in about 15 years, i had a problem with a make of laptop. To that end, i went out and bought a second hand Acer from someone on Gumtree with Windows 7. What a relief, i was like a kid in candy store
The broadcasts are back to normal, the software works, plays more than format of music. Another great addition is the fact that the music playing appears on the station "Now Playing" section of the website

Thankyou, whoever you are for reading this. Very rarely do i get a sticking problem with a laptop. There are sometimes niggles a long the way, everyone gets them. There are loads of sources of course to get information, one thing i like about the internet

Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show

Monday, 23 December 2013

2013 was the year that was part one. General subject

Three main things happens in 2013

Radio guests and going to gigs

I had many guests down this year. From Blackdoghat, Silverspark, John Cee Stannard and for the first time in many years, two Drum & Bass Djs, 2tone and Twist.
The artist which has had the most attention on Youtube, was been Johnny Cooke. Great performance and returning in 2014.
Went to loads of gigs this year, mainly in Birmingham. Originally, this was my wife, winning tickets to see Among the Echoes at the 02. We wanted to see Johnny Normal, who i interviewed this year with Psycho Pete, and band, Elmo Sexwhistle. That was the first gig.  We went a few more times in different venues in Birmingham and the last one of the year was in London, for the Shiny Darkness album Launch.
These kind of went hand in hand with the radio shows. Getting tickets and buying merchandise and seeing bands live, that i had played on the radio

Got a job
I was cleaning, then gardening (Still going when i get odd jobs), then began with a removal fiirm which was on a Sunday morning. The trouble with these three above, there was no guarantee of sustained work.  Then on the same day as the removal job, i got asked by Ian Short, who runs, Sugarush sweet shop in Banbury ( Town i live), if i wanted employment. I said yes. I went down the next day and i started two days later. That was end of September.

In a band

Being with musicans can be random. I was with the Doolallays for 3 years, but that just died after everyone literally went their seperate ways. The drummer got tired of the time, i was taking and we decided to try and put a band together.  That did happened, but was one jam and the guitarist that come, down was doing so many other things band wise, it was just not possible in the end.
Carl said about,a cover band he was the drummer of and they wanted a bass player. The Projectiles, had been going four years with different musicians. They were founded by local guitar tutor, Stev and i have know him for sometime and through other people.
After the first practice, we were both suprised, how we linked the band together. Me and Carl had played together many times and i think Stev was suprised
I am now the official bass player of The Projectiles.
I am the first to admit i not a big covers fan. I have always said that. I like hearing covers when done right  or a certain song and some i wouldnt have minded playing myself. This band is a fun pub band and music is a very strange universe to be in. It could take you in all sorts of directions. Being in a band i love being in and we have a gig already. As Madness onces said "One Step Beyond"

The fourth part and the bonus, moving

This has taken a number of years to get round to. The reason for this is one basic factor, money. Never had the money to move and i have aways wanted my own money or make money to move.  Either one bedroom flat or a share property with an en suit. 2014, i am moving out of my parents house after 40 years. Seems a long time, but in this climate, things move a lot slower and prices are just crazy
Obviously the radio shows are coming with us.  That might change, depending on fanancies as living take more money, paying bills and things. Moving is more important, but we will wait and see.

This part one, more to come, music wise :)

Dj Readman  
Radio Variety Show

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Projectiles ( Official Blog)

The Projectiles
Renditions band, performing classic, well known songs with our own twist
Facebook Page
Stev / Guitar/ vocals
Carl /Drums/
Paul Bass /Drums
Extended band:
Carl  Rhythm Guitar,
Bob: Bass,
Paul Drums,
Stev, lead guitar and vocals

December 2014, extended band
Although, Carl, can play drums  it has become apparent, due being in reimintin from Cancer, the last few years, he has limited strength with playing the drums on top of working
Paul mentioned, that he could play drums to solve the problem.  Although its been about two years
since he hit a kit he would be back up.  Everyone was suprised how well Paul, could play. It was decided, that Paul would be back up for Carl.

Bob Cloutman Returns

Then the problem was filling the bass, Its so happens that Stev had been talking to Bob Cloutman, who has taken interested and turned up for a a couple of sessions.  He return to assist in additional bass duties when Paul is on the drums or if someone can't show for a gig

The Songs:
All the songs below we can perform; Some are near to oriuginals, some are not

Sweet Home Alabama
With or without You
 Hey Joe
Knocking on Heavens Door
 Let Me Entertain You
Teenage Kicks
 Johnny  Be Goode
Sweet Child o Mine
Amazing Grace  (Rock version)
Twist and Shout
 No Woman No Cry
I Shot the Sheriff
Come together
Thats Alright Mama/Its all over now Medley
 House of the Rising Sun
Sex on Fire
Mustang Sally
Honky Tonk Woman
Sweet Dreams
Oldsom Prison Blues
Nights in White Satin
Everybody Needs Somebody
I can see clearly now 

                          This is Paul on the drums and Bob on the bass, with Sweet Child of Mine             


                         Carl and Drum and Paul on bass of our rendition of, Superstition


                                                                         10 minute demo
More song in our set list in a montage of leads, singing and general "Oh thats what it is " parts

The Past Projectiles
Some of the bio

Paul Readman ( Blog editor) 
I had not known much about the band.  I know, Bob Cloutman, very nice guy, had been the bass player.and Carl was drumming. Due to Bobs family commitments, it became more difficult for him to be with the band. The band itself, was formed by Stev Aleksic, which come about with the music he teaches. Carl has been with the band since the beginning, aside from a few times, because of illness.  The Doolallays, which me and Carl were both in, collapsed and after a few months, Carl, was becoming fed up with the situation and ruing me. After a month oor two, he pulled me to join the band on Bass.

This is two pictures from Bob Cloutman from an earlier line up

There will be more history and information as we get it

How the bass player got involved
Paul Readman"
Over a BBQ round Carls place, in the summer of 2013, it was mentioned about a band performing classc songs. I knew Bob was in the band with Stev and Carl, but knew really nothing about it.
I was asked about being the bass player, but didn't know what was going on with the Doolallays.
Not long after, Carl called, who was completely fed up with the Doolallay situation and had been playing with the Projectiles as well to drum practice.. Carl asked, would i be interested? and i said yes.  I am the first to admit was suprised, as i am not the big fan of playing classics, but, I thought, why not, let's go for it, it will be fun"
It turnes out, we have done more in 5 months than we did in 3 years with the Doolallays. Difference band, and different music, but the progression has been good.

First band practice of 2014
First time we had a fine recording from video and audio.

Practice, Practice Practice
After using General Foods to practising, we sometimes use Northgate Studios in Banbury.  This is due to the fact that we can not hire General Food on a Saturday evening.
We have been pracising since December 2013, all 35 songs.

Filming stills
From a video experiment we did with local film maker, Simon Bastock Just a test to see how things come out

The Songs:
Want to hire us, these are 25 songs we can perform. There are about 6 to be added that need to be tweeked. These will be added a.s.a.p

Sweet Home Alabama
With or without You
 Hey Joe
Knocking on Heavens Door
 Let Me Entertain You
Teenage Kicks
 Johnny  Be Goode
Sweet Child o Mine
Amazing Grace  (Rock version)
Twist and Shout
 No Woman No Cry
I Shot the Sheriff
Come together
Thats Alright Mama/Its all over now Medley
 House of the Rising Sun
Sex on Fire
Mustang Sally
Honky Tonk Woman
Sweet Dreams
Oldsom Prison Blues
Nights in White Satin
Everybody Needs Somebody
I can see clearly now 

                                                First pictures including, my new band hat

                                                     First band pictures

Stev Facebook      My Facebook  Carls Facebook

Friday, 6 December 2013

Wav music files are the industry stanndard

Probably many people, like myself, have just sold my vinyl collection for whatever reason. Not because i am going to mp3 or CD, but because i have no space at the moment.
After some deliberation, i am from 2014 buying Wav files, until i get a record player and buying vinyl again and gain more space

To Liberate Wav files
Ever since it was possible, practically every musician if they have the means,  recorded music to the wav format. The wav format was introduced in the 70s after digital recording became possible. This is the only uncompressed digital format that is used most of the time, unless it is Flac. Both are used to get vinyl and CDs pressed
In fact, if you buy a wav file, you are getting vinyl in digital form. Even CDs are compressed. Not as much as mp3s, but the music is still squeezed

Lets give you a comparison
Music is Like films, there are widescreen and Pan and Scan versions. Wav is the widescreen of music, giving you the full, recorded song, Mp3s are the pan and scan, cuts about 40% of the song out, kind of squeezed into a cube.

As a music fan
I love quality in sound and i loave compressed music.  Even when CDs were first released on to the market, i couldn't stand them. Everyone went crazy, and i thought, why, just because they are not 12" and crackling? why would anyone buy compressed music??  Then, of course, years later, the second, more compressed format come along, Mp3s. Again, even more compressed than CDs and this time, digital. I just think that quality is being compromised by compressed music and mass distribution

Music industry ingnorance

I did find out this week(When i am posting this), that national chart sales only register mp3 files for sales with digital formats. Wav files are not included due to the fact Wav files are not "tagged' with song information. I am was pretty horrified to learn this. The files can be played on computers so why does the music industry ignore them?

Mp3 have their place

Don't get me wrong, they have their place and will be around for years to come. The other issue i have with this format, is the quality can be manipulated.  Mp3 are the only music format you can change the bitrate after its been produced. You can go as tiny as you like, but mainy from 96k ,which sounds utter rubbish, upto to 320k, which is the highest quality, near to Wav, but still compressed.  MP3s are good for promotion, radio play and e-mail transfer.

The music industry
Aside from independent music labels like Metalheadz and Mute, who i respect and sign quality acts, I just cant understand this easy pick up and run with fasination with the mp3 format. I would assume, many musicians do not like the music being squashed as it really does not properly represent what they have recorded. Some are fine and think it is the future, which is fair enough.
Vinyl has really come to life over the last few years and is the best format in the world. Real music lovers, like myself, do not like compressed music. Many like to put on a record and listen to the artists on decent speakers. On the move, yes, compressed music is used, fair enough, mp3 is mobile format, but never dismiss any format that is good for the market

Thankyou for reading and hope it peeks your interest

DJ Readman
Radio Variety Show

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Altern8 never evapor 8 ed. The return of Full Masked Hysteria

Music is full of milestones
The last true music revolution was the "Rave" era, loads of free love illegal raves, which, naturally spread to commercial success for many
Very few dance acts survived, or a solo producers went his own way, like Slipmatt from SL2. The Prodigy sustained momentum and continued their success, but very few acts did, unless you count, the Bassheads album, C.O.D.E.S, which went under the radar completely, until i discovered the vinyl album years later. 
One act, Altern8, did the reverse.  The duo, Chris Peat and Mark Archer, revolutionised dance music, probably without even knowing it.  Their album, Full Masked Hysteria was the only album they released, They disbanded, but the album steadily gained momentum thoughout the years, which takes a lot for that to happen.  Considered by many as one of the best dance album masterpieces ever recorded and it still stands up to in modern times, is quit ea feet.  14  tracks of glorious dance music, labeled hardcore (Anyone that knows their stuff, knows what a actual Hardcore is and the wrong tag,lol), to many the album has never been repeated in quality and production.
I have loved the album for years, wanted to get the vinyl album, which has not been easy up until recently. This is easier now, due to mainly vinyl copied surfacing on Ebay for one.  The album on CD is next on my list. When their stuff was around at the time, i was into DJing, so it was more the 12" singles to mix with

To the present day.
Mark Archer, kept going as a dj and still releases stuff digitally and sells at gigs.  Chris Peat, went into the world of IT. As far as I know, he doesn't make music, but I could be wrong.

Christmas number one campaign, Activ8
Started as a fan page and now gathering momentum. There is a Facebook campaign to get the tune from the album, to number one and beat the X factor to number one.
The fire is so hot, that Mark Archer has given his approval and there are a 8 remixes being made for the release. Every single version will count for the release date of December 15th 2013

This is the moment you've all been waiting for

I found this out by accident and it's a fantastic idea. 3 years ago, Rage Against the Machine, made it to number one. This was the first song in history to make it to the national top 40 on download sales alone. The reason for that was, that at the time, the band were unaware of the campaign and only so many download sites are registered as offical selling points for the chart. Killing in the name of campaign was started by a couple in England, fed up with hearing X Factor.  When the band found out, they put on a free gig in London, based on the campaign.
This is what social media is about. Now, it's the turn of Altern8. I am buying it and all the remixes on release. The only downside, which I only found out through the campaign website, is wav files of the songs (Uncompressed digital format) will be released In January, as Wav files are not officially counted. For those that are not aware, Wav files are the industry standard and have been around way before mp3. Wav files are the digital uncompressed presentation of the song straight from mixdown and engineering. You can't get better quality than that, unless it's vinyl (The god format of music)

Full Masked Hysteria review

I love this album from start to finish. Very few albums have non stop entertianment burned through it's core.( Image of the burning crow shot from the film in my head.  You can obviously tell the idea from this come from gigs, samples and sound from raves with the electro sounds, beats and synth, Incredible computer work for the time, when home hard drives were 10gig, you will know this is just by listening to the odd tune, is a complete masterpiece. If you have never heard it before, its very different to The Prodigy experience, the Bassheads album, C.O.D.E, in the fact that they whole album spells rave. Many albums were going away from that, which is neither good or bad.
One major secret of this album that just occured to me, is the memorable 'Comedy one liners' like: " This is the moment you've waiting for and " Watch ya bassbins i'm tellin ya, you know come from this album
14 songs, you would think all three minutes, but the duo stuck with club length, which is a good thing as dance tunes are never shorter than 5 minutes in any decade.. Evapor8, Hynotic ST8, have always been my favourites, just layering, depth and engineering that went into the this, the guys are bloody genuises to put it mildly.  The complete album is one big  rock of a masterpiece and one of of the " Listen before you die " albums . I compare this album to any Black Sabbath album, where the pace of each song keeps changing. You will want to have this on repeat for hours, its that good
Whether you are into dance music, getting into this for the first time, or whatever the reason
Guaranteed to turn your face into a rave smile

This is the link to the Facebook campaign. This is regularily updated as updated become available
We want this to get to number one " Move you body to the digital sales and ACTIVE8 the digital sales figures

Dj Readman, Radio Variety Show

Thursday, 14 November 2013

November Open Show Promotion artist: Gretas Bakery

Fantastic, Pop Jazz trio from America/ Italy.
The trio contacted me last year with their album, Edge of Everything. The sound reminded me instantly of 80s pop jazz act, Swing Out Sister, who have more of a pop jazz undercurrent

Gretas Bakery return in 2013 with another stunning album, Under Control. Again just incredible Pop Jazz sound, and just have a sound and style that is second to none. Gretas singing, is just spellbinding and the music, is just great to listen to.

They sent me the album to see what i thought. To be honest, very few bands can send music to me and i know i am going to hear quality before i have even pressed play.

For November, they are the open show Promotion artist

Website       Facebook        Twitter

Dj Readman www.radiovarietyshow.webs.com

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Somewhere to live

New update January 2014
The new year is upon us.  With Christmas and gig expenses out the way, i have now the money to move.
For the basics. Read below

Original Blog

Friday 30th October,  after work, i viewed a flat for the first time. Very nice, studio style, with kitchen and seperate bedroom area.
I have been looking everywhere for a one bedroom flat. Depends on the space and the age, it is getting expensive. Since i began looking over a year as my job opportunities were a little random, prices were creeping up.  The average price for a 1 bedroom flat is about £500 and up, depending on location
I want to move out, have wanted to for many years, but never had the money and going through the local council in the modern climate is just impossible. All the companies that are on their list, can't go direct, which is really irritating. It should be a lot easier than this to have choice and where to go to for possible cheap accommodation.

I work part time, i garden and in a coverband too boost funds. The money is enough for basic one bedroom flat. I have not asking for much, just kitchen, bed, internet connection and an en suit. The prices are just ridiculous.

Many companies and landlords are only in it for the money and really push the rent and the deposit to the limit. A one bedroom that should only be around £450, thats fine. But £500 and upwards, just profit seeking. From landlords i have spoken to and one recently, i know that some just want to make as much money as possible. It really depends if landlords can be bothered to maintain the property. Some row of houses i have seen are just left rot with people in them. I know people who live in houses, who have the same problems with landlord.  When you hire out rooms you have a responsibility to maintain the property. Its like buying a car, you don't let it rust up do you?? so why would you have a flat our house? Some tenants are not perfect either, i have heard some stories, but a lot of the time, landlords have a lot of explaining to do

Going back to finding a place. I want a place to live, its not asking much at all. Freedom in your own place, everyone wants that. You either pay a fee, with all bills includes or a monthly fee no bills included

If you have a one bedroom flat in the Banbury area with a room big enough for a large bed( I like to have room, an ensuit( Not shared), either electric or gas(Depends on the proerty and all bills included for £400- £450 a month, you have a deal. It has to be within reasonable walking distance of the town center

Thankyou for reading
Paul Readman
flat seeker or house

The Jonny Cooke appearance

This blog is a little later tha planned.  I have been working and a little less time these days.
Continuing from the website and the great feedback we had from the appearance of English musician, living in Ireland, Jonny Cooke

I first heard about Jonny through, Simon Dwight, who performed on the show in the summer (2013). Jonny Cooke, uses the same engineer, Van Gabriel, as Simon, for his album, Strange Days.
I had never spoken or met Jonny before, only on Facebook I had heard his music, broadcast it, but not much else.
He agreed to come all the way from Ireland to performed. I found out it didn't cost him that much and he stopped overnight in Milton Keynes, where he used to live.
This was the last time we were going to use General Foods Social Club rehearal room, due to the cold weather coming in with the time of year.
Jonny arrived at the house first, too meet, Rhonda, and was accompanied by his brother, Tony, who i later found out was a drum & Bass DJ.  We had a few beer down GF first, talking about music and producing. Then we set up and did a soundcheck. Like always i was limited with what i could film due to the battery and memory card. First time i had expanded the filming with a more vlogging style and more interview on camera.
Connecting to the net via my phone worked great as usual and we had a good time. It was also the first time i had used the Micromixer, donated by John Watt. This is what has been needed for a cleaner broadcast. It picked up the microphone very well.  I am going to invest in a second microphone and stand. Even though Jonny brought anothe microphone, it was the wrong connection. We ended up with one microphone

I like the fact, Jonny loved the visit and the broadcast, which has recieved really good comments and feedback on Youtube. I managed to film 45 minutes, with the battery and 8 gig memory card. I have now got a second batter and another 16 gig memory card so i can film entire radio performance ad gigs.

Although this is the not the first guest, this is the first time i have used the right equipment and more filming.  future broadcasts are going to be expanded. I have plans for a few long time, just the matter of money and execution of the planning.

                                      This is the 45 minute filme of Johnny Cooke
                      Want to perform on the show. Next monthly slot is 23rd November, Saturday afternoon

DJ Readman

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Variety Show, not just about presenting

In the beginning
Before i began on net radio, i used to run a record shop. While i was in business, i began to find talent. sell the merch and CD.s. Then the magazine idea comes to mind. I started printing a magazine, interview bands at gig, recieving music to review.  Then the online radio came.  At the time, i had no idea i could do radio, although for some reason, i didn't care.  Luckily i liked what i heard and you learn things over time.  I had interviewed bands for the magazine, but live is different. But again, i just did it.

The online radio took over the magazine side of things, which is good, but you want to get out to gigs. The only trouble with a radio, it does not provide finances to do this. Local events are not too bad, you can sometimes get on guests lists, have a few drinks and interview the acts. I used to have a dictaphone or mini disc recorder to record interview, which was fun outside in the wind many times

The future of Variety

Up until this year, i have not gone out to gigs as much as my mentality was different, but now i am starting to swing back to what i used to do, interviewing bands off the net and meet them at gigs.
Me and my wife Rhonda have been travelling, mainly to, Birmingham, to see bands and to do that, i have been selling stuff to finance trips as money has not been around. If if you get on guests list, you still have to book a hotel and travel.  We have been a few times, to see a few electro bands, especially whens its a mixed event. I miss interviewing bands after soundchecks, which i did at the Flapper in August and saw some awsome performances. The Flapper took me right back to what i used to do before the internet radio came along
I have been presenting on internet radio for over 5 years, have guests down and perform. This is based on the promotion i do and many musicians appreciate them you give to the music
The Variety show is now the name i use and many people know me under the name. Its easy name to remember. The Radio Variety Show is more than an internet show, is part of the music world of going to gigs, getting tickets( Sometime i pay, depends on what the promoter feels like doing). getting out there
with the Radio Variety Show name. I am going back to the routes, with the combination of the net radio show for the outlet, and watching bands performing, interview them and replaying bands on the shows.

For more information on what is going on with the radio, filming and gig apperances

Thankyou for reading


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Syntheticity. Actress and Bishop 19th October 2013

This has to be one of the best gig nights we have been to.  Me and Rhonda have been to a couple of gigs with electro acts including Among the Echos this year.  We bought tickets in advance, which were only £5 each. This time is was a pub/venue, The Actress and Bishop, situated further away than the Flapper and 02.  As usual, its a pretty quick train trip and this time, we went to the Travelodge, which is only just around the corner from the venue.

With the hotel,  difference to the Holiday Inn. Its bare, not even a phone or an iron in the room. I think next time, its back to the Holiday Inn.
We dressed up and went to the pub, which is very nice place. First time i had a rum and coke, although i think in future i will have straight rum or Vodka and coke, which has more a a kick, lol
We first thought the bands started at 8, it turns out, they were running a little late with soundcheck and was not on until 8.45.  One thing i learned is always check Facebook profiles for faces, even though i had talked to some people on Facebook, as some people i had totally forgot were going to be there and just didn't know what they looked like.
Everyone climbed the staircase to see the first act, Among the Echos. Great sound, great performance
from the guys and played the classics they are, known for, Pure, Freak, and the new powerhouse of a song Sin.
The first suprise, was guest act, Destination. Brudge was on stage with ATE Phil on base. Then ATE had her on guest vocals for a couple of song,  ATE having a vocal harmony works really well

Next up and the guys i always want to see, Johnny Normal and Psycho Pete.  Pete had a lot of trouble at the start. I discovered afterwards someone had messed up the equalizers on the monitor After a false start, they played, Time, which is one of the
catchest songs and got the crowd going.  About half way through, Johnny announced they are working on an album and played a few songs from it.  Talk to me is the new bside song to, Miss Razorblade, which is really nice live, then, Save Me, which has a very different tone, more oa ballade and then Miss Razorblade, what an electrifying performance. They blew the roof off.  Their new material is fantastic and Pete, goes into Hendrix mode with his guitar work, no one can take their eyes off him.
Awsome set by the duo.  That wasn't the only suprise of the night.......
The other billed and headlining act was, Spacebuoy.
This is another duo, including Howard Moth( Second name on Facebook), who are like the modern day version of the Pet Shop Boys.  Never seen or heard them before, although i had heard two studio songs.  Howard is a great singer, flying all over the stage and has some real presence and reacting to the crowd.
The sound is very Pop trance in style and most of them are in radio friendly length, which was kind of a suprise, unless that was to do with set length.  Great set by them, music and performance wise.
After the gig, i had a quick chat with, Howard,. nice guy to talk to and they have done a lot including support Erasure and touring quite a lot
All in all it was a great night, with all the electro acts given it all.
Every act is different, they bring their own sound to the table.
After talking to Sam, who is the guitarist and recording engineer of, Among the Echos, i found out is has engineered the new songs by Johnny Normal.  From what i gather from the performance and hearing Miss Razorblade live, Johnny Normal are going in a more performance direction with their new songs. The new songs are amazing with the live guitar as they are more synth driven on the studio songs. .

The only disappointment of the night, was filming of the acts.  My camera only lasted 30 minutes, which i could not work out.  Comparing the Flapper footage, i realise the lighting was very different at last nights gig and took more battery? The Flapper was better lit. The best footage audio wise ATE and Spacebuoy, but nothing else really came out.

As always with a night in Birmingham we booked a hotel in advance, as the trains stop way to earlier in the evening.  We went to the After Dark club afterwards.  Had a few drinks, listened to the 80s sound, had a few pictures taken and went back to the hotel and colapsed

Many thanks to all the performers wh odid a great show as always

Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show

Thursday, 17 October 2013

New mini website

Its taken a while, but we are finally there.

We have been utilising, Facebook for sometime, which will still continue, but you need a central base, other than social media.
I found about webs that has a 10 page limit when its a free website.
Its full of information, posters, podcasts, videos and other great stuff.
I have no finanices for huge website, so for the moment, a mini website i created.  Also i am slowing turning, Radio Variety Show as kind of brand name. I created the name for the radio shows this year. The Fb group is called that and so is the Youtube account


We already had two music submission through it, which was really fast. The website is obviously being seen and people are curious with any new thing on the block.
As always. this blog will be updated with anything new the website generates

Dj Readman
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From Doollalays to a new band........

The band is so new, no name for it yet.
Being in a band is pretty cool. Me on guitar, Carl Waring on the drum and Tony Cooke on guitar and vocals
Over the course over 2 years with Jamming and rough recording we had a good thing going. But performing we never did. We had complete songs, about 3 we could perform. There was always some problems. Obviously things are never perfect, but performing is what bands do.
This year, the band basically died a slow death. Tony Cooke is happy doing his own solo stuff, i do the odd Acoustic recording and Carl still plays drums with a few other people.  The last jam was nothing like we did in the past and was basically rubbish.
Out of the blue, Carl called me a few days ago and said i had enough of what was the Doolallays and wanted to move on. We both agreed to carry on with original material and covers. I had had a number from someone and see someone on the net wanting band members, but as usually nothing comes of it.  To carry on, you need a third member.
We both like creating, jamming and recording music and Carl has performed with other people as he was getting frustrated with the Doolallays end not performing out, so was i

The future

In two weeks on a Friday night, November 1st,  a new band is going to be tested. The one song we are probably going to go through no doubt, is a Stranglers song. I found out over time for warm up song that Carl, likes the track, Peaches, but is now going to part of the first songs we go through. I have the odd poems from Gary Corman, we are going to see what works and just jam and see what comes out. The new memeber that is coming along to see if things gell is Alexander David Braybrook who is a young talented guy with electric and bass guitar skills

The starting plan is to just jam, and see what we can do when we alternate instruments
This is going to be updated with the news and when we have a new name. There is always a
Facebook an old Doollalays one we are going to change to the new bands

Paul Readman, guitarist/bass player and sometime, Drummer

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Once a month broadcasting location

New Broadcasting Location Needed

To move the "Variety Show" forward we are no longer using the small studio for live guests.
Since, August 2013, we moved to General Foods for live in house performances. This is not far from where we live.  The only downside with GF it gets cold especially in winter and it's now time to move location.
I don't expect people to move mountains, athought to broadcast the show just the end of the month, we need free space

What we provide
The shows are net broadcast.  Every guest show has an individual poster for the show, that will have venue information and logo. There is a general poster used for the normal weekly shows (Normally Monday and Thursday evenings 8-10pm), for which the logo will be displayed.  Every live broadcast, we will plug the venue and the podcast, which is the recordin of the live broadcast is uploaded the next day( Below is the October guest and example of poster)

Every guest is filmed with an avi quality camera and audio is fantastic as well, which is a major part of what we do when we have guests.. We can do more vlogging in relation to the venue and the performance with interview on screen.  Any other events that are going on at the venue we can audio and visually plug.  This can be added to the filming or seperate video.  If the venue owner wants to have a video or audio interview(Or both) either before we start using space or want to enjoy the  broadcast themselves, they can do that as well

The broadcast
Every broadcast is two hour long. This is combination of performing, chat and prerecordings artists songs.
The radio show is audio based. It is streamed on Music World Radio. After the live broadcast, the performance is seperated and saved for future broadcast. The whole unedited show then goes up on Mixcloud and promoted on this site, Facebook, my blog and Twitter
What we need
Suprisingly, not much.  All we need is the space for upto four people with equipment. This would compare to say, half the space of the Millers bar at the mill.  (GF rehearsal room is not that big and can take a four piece band easily)  Aside from space, just a couple of powerpoints and chairs, thats it (Chairs without arms due to guitarists playing), thats it. We provide our own net connection. If wifi is available, that's a bonus as a backup :)

It does not matter where the venue is in town, we are greatful for the space. Its could be a spare office, hall, pub, small room in a club, or at the back of an empty property or hotel room for that matter

If it comes down to paying outright, this will only come through donations. If no donations come through, i have a maximum budget of  £10 for 3 hours. The show is 2 hours and time before and after to set up and leave the premises. I am on monthly pay, so thats my maximum.
Below are the guests we i have so far and who is coming up

Booking donations

Thankyou for your continued support :)

Dj Readman
 Radio Variety Show
Supporting the quality music locally and around the world

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Naked Lunch Unfrozen

First, there was their CD ep, Frozen, which is a compilation of tunes they released in the 80s. The CD was made for the gig, Reproduction 13, in London to sell only and limit to 100 copies.  Then they carried this over on bandcamp with the digital until they run out of the CD. This was the stepping stone and set the foundations for future releases

Here they come...., unfrozen, ready to take the world on, with........
The first monster to be unleached was, Alone, which is completely brand new tune from the band. This is the first song with introducties new member, Jet Noir.  This is a fine piece of work.  Very dark dark tones, like your swirling around in a void, not knowing where you are. This is helped with the ghostly voices by Tony Mayo and Jet Noir.  One reason i like this song, is it has a few hidden layers.  I have heard it on a 4 speaker car system, on home speakers and headphone and you in a sense get a slightly different song every time

The next song is Slipping, Again, again, is a rerecording of the original.  Slipping again.  They have taken the original, kept the original spirit of the song, with the same beat with additional elements.  The major change is taking all the elements with modern computer technology and adding additional the synth layers. I like running synth frequency( Whatever you call it) Makes it sound like the pace is building and about half way.  The original was quiet poppy,  which is reflected in the rerecording.  The song in general is more upbeat but keeping the trance tone..

The next Level
With various remixes and outstanding remix of Glow by, Technomancer and a 7 minutes beast of a dance tune We Are 

9th January you will be able to hear a live interview on my show with Jet Noir and own of, Subculture, records, Per Aksel Lundgreen. 

Beyond Planets
For the first time in roughly 30 years, Naked Lunch release a new album into the mass population. They have worked Tireless, including a few single released, Alone, Slipping Again, Again, Glow and We Are, to give you a taster
February release
This blog will be updated as we get more news when we go more

Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show

Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Commercial Radio Nightmare

*Before you read on, this does not leaning towards, Horton radio.  Yes, they play commercial music, but they are charity based, do a lot for children and do some fine work in the community*

Update February 2014

One station i had forgot about is, Jack Fm, which is, Oxford based. For whatever reason the signal is weak, so i turned to my ipad. Low and behold, Tunein has it listed

Never heard it before, but after a month of listen, i was suprises at how well the playlist is planned. About 95% is non chart, indents are hilarious and thoughout the day, besides the two presenters on the newa and Sport, Its pretty much automated.
There is a Breakfast show and there are adds, but their playlist is fantastic.
I am no longer going to listen to the Tellietubie playlist of the others. Aside from Absolute radio, all other stations seem to hang onto theie 12 year old audience

Update(October 17th)

I took my pad to work and tethered my phone. I was going to download the, Absolute Radio app, but there is not a direct AR app as far as I can tell. I tried searching on the Tunein app. Low and behold, they are listed. I then had that played for most of my working day and yes, the playlist is not bad.
AR have a non repeat policy, whether that means just per show or the whole day, i am not sure. In general the music they broadcast is above average. They play adds and have new, which is mainly, London, based, but is enjoyable I have to say
Banbury and Heart fm, wake up, your shit compared to Absolute Radio

Original blog
I love music, always have done. Some music leaves me with great feelings and warmth, and other music, leave me cold.  Since i started my part time job two weeks ago, i have been listening to two stations, Banbury Sound and Heart FM. Found out, its the only two i can get.

I used to like listening to the radio, but now, its just filled of the top 40 that is mainly x factor driven, over produced teenpop. Not one song sounds different. Its dire, boring and really, i can't stand listening to it when i am at work.

I like commercial pop, many unsigned acts are pop, which i like. I have been presenting on internet radio for over five years on Music World Radio,  you just get some idea of the quality out there and i do the best i can do broadcast quality. For some reason, commercial radio, plays all the music that 12 year olds buy and these days its mainly downloads. Thats not the whole market, excuse me.
I have been on Youtube and had a look at the top 40 rundown. what has happened to it?. I like many sounds and grew up on loads of things.  Modern radio i am sorry to say is really bad.  Until you listen to it for a few hours, you have no idea.

I am not the only one who does not like the constant repeat of songs, the Lady Ga Ga that makes you brain go numb, that everyone seems to copy, and thats every 5-6 songs. Many commercial station are based round a 400 song network as i understand, which is manly the top 40 or technically top 100, if that still exists, well it used. *Got an image of a Smash its magazine in my head looking at the top 100

I remember going to a radio station listeners panel a few years ago.  Banbury Sound invited several people to attend. We all had our say and really, IMPROVE, the music.  Well, they didn't seem to care what the public say and think they know best.  Even thought is their audience is the public, six months later, they sold Banbury Sound. Aparantly, they said, a year a head, they weren't going to loose money. No one knows that far a head. not even a radio station.  Also Heart bought out, Fox FM, for the reason i have forgotten. If i remember correcting, Heart is based in Reading?

I compare commercial radio to football. Something is holding back stations so they don't broaden the music.  Sky has say over matches played, when they start and so on. This is because the plough millions into it, which in a way makes sense. It seems to me that if the top 100 is not played on a loop, they get shut down, thats the impression i get.

The consolation out of this radio nightmare is, Absolute Radio.  I have never listened to this station, until recently.  The playlist is not bad. Its not brilliant, but not bad either. When i managed to squeeze it out of the radio, as i can only get the station on Medium Wav and it sounds like its underwater,, i was listening to a string of good songs.

Seriously, if i was offered to broadcast the top 40,  i wouldn't. i would ask them for another show to play the music i receive. From what i have heard over the last few years, with the combination of singing and production, you could fill the top on a regular basis.  You just don't as 99% of the station, are too scared??I have no idea what the issues are, but there must be one or more.
I know for act people like the music i play and promoters send me. I am regular contact with bands promoters and members of bands. I have interviewed bands, people booked to perform. I love it and so do they and they appreciate the support.
This is what really gets me about commercial fm radio.  I get great feedback all the time, Facebook reactions and even people buying the music. I have had more than one listener say two things. that like the live interaction and they like the fact i don't talk over songs, which i can't stand anyway.
I keep up with technology with the introduction of listening through an app. Many people in other countries listen to my shows through Tune in Radio.

I seriously, would not have an issue with music on FM station, if the miusic was more varied. They say it is, but its not.  The other point i would to make is the fact that, Banbury Sound act like they are a Banbury Station. If many people don't realise, they play no local music, and are not in the same county.  It should be called Warwickshire sound with Banbury weather, thats all it is.  Its one big smoke screen

For some reason, the real top 40 has gone unsigned and underground, bring it back to the surfice

Thankyou for reading

Dj Readman


Monday, 7 October 2013


Do you have rush for sugar, so doc I, well sometimes. It turns I now work in the Banbury branch of Sugarush Imports.  Although it does not say, Imports , on the outside of the shop, that's their speciality.

They sell, American, Australian, sweet and sour flavours. From penny sweets, Cereals and Peanut butter.
I began work there 3 day a week, two weeks ago.  Getting to know the customers and settings on.

I am glad I have a safable job, which is all day, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

I am suprised how busy they are in term of what people buy. I am glad the business is going well and obviously there is a market for imports.

Although I am known for my music, this does not effect my radio shows. The day of the show may move every no and again, but mainly. Monday and Thursday.  I have been doing radio too long, just to stop.

I still do gardening work and selling records to make for the lack of cash until the monthly pay packet hits

There will be pictures soon

Dj Readman
Part time at Sugarush

Sunday, 6 October 2013

(Album review) Ann Scott - Venus to the Sky

Joy and Stripes are just two of the songs on this fantastic album, that arrived in the mail, out of the Blue.
It did not take me long to get blown away by this well crafted masterpiece.  I am continuously playing this, which is rare for me, because 8 times out of ten i don't
Venus to the Sky was recording in California and Ireland on various session, and its seemless. This album is only 36 minutes long but the album is just a pleasure to listen it.

This is her third album to date and being released on October 18th.  This is a solo outing, regarding her singing and at first you think its only an Acoustic based album, then it springs to life. I was amazed at what i was hearing. I picked out Joy and Stripes for the great basslines.
It gives you impression that there are half a dozen musicians in a big room, recording together. The production has an orchestral feel, a little like how Muse or Kate Bush do their recordings.  From Hoola to Stars its just a joy to listen to, it really is. The only comparious i would say is Ann is the female version of Nick Cave, i get the same feeling from both
I highly rate this for a great creative work, depth, beauty, quality and just great atmosphere and Ann Scott, haunting and sometimes ghostly singing style

Video i found of Ann Scott

Only two works. "Just incredible"  Dj Readman   Radio Variety Show
This is why i do radio shows to listen to broadcast this kind of music

Want to send your music   djreadmanuk@gmail.com

Her Facebook
Bandcamp( Album not available yet)


Baleve is the word and also " Baleve in them, as they taken themselves through a national open Mic competition.
Adam Bunting and Jamie started this year under the name after meeting and seeing if their styles worked together through jamming.
Adam himself, is well know in the area for his great guitar skills and song writing.  Jay is not exactly unknown but not many people know him for a singing ability, which he can as well as being a lyrcist.
The two have been together a while and i first found about about their efforts on Facebook. They have a music on their Soundcloud page, which at the start, was just experiments and jamming, which many people do.  A while after i went back and found there were songs on there. To my astonishment there are well crafted songs. Very commercial in sound and can easy be indie to accessable chart hits.  Adams fathers, who has been in the music business for many years, took the songs and add his touch, including backing vocals on the one of songs.
I admit i was suprised at the quality of the songs. how catchy they were and the fact that both guys sing, Jay does to some lyric flow work, buts its mainly singing, which, yes, many might be suprised to hear
I have known Adam for a few years, he had jammed with us a few times, with the band i was in, The Doolallays and a few weeks ago i was chatting to him about the music in town.
Sunday 29th September, the guys appeared on the Variety Show for a two hour special. This was the weekend before their appearance at the Birmingham NEC( Last night 5th, October)
They performed three songs, Never Let me down, Everything( In the middle) and a Enieum cover, Hayleys song.  We had a chat, inbetween songs and their performance and captured part of the interview on film.
I wish these guys every success with this, as the songwriting and singing, really works here. They have worked hard to get to this point, which in some cases sets the stannard for any local acts trying to break out somewhere

The live radi performance Interview segment Studio songs Checkout their Facebook
Open Mic competition

Want to appear on the show? djreadmanuk@gmail.com
Want to support the Variety Show, feel free to read the blog

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Band promotion ( Music Promo/ online promo)

To Utilise my online time
I have been asked many times to manage bands or to do more promotion. i have been ask " How much do you want for your time" i have always been thrown
I  realised recently, since i am on the net a lot and need extra funds, then this is the way to go.

Music Promo
My own work, led me to being asked to do two promo videos. My Weekly Preview video, i changed to music video "Montage style" and caught someones attention as i used footage i had shot of them live
Footage used is bands, fan footage, ( Only landscape mode) and public domain. I try and keep the colour as even as possible, unless the mixture of black and White and colour, is no issue

Online Promotion
Many bands, just have no time to sort out social media profile. From recording my own music and promoting voting, I released, it takes a lot of hours.  Musicians do not realise the man hours it takes to keep profiles updated and the world knowing who you are. Other than social media, there is a band website, sending music to stations and any voting that needs to be updated and so on.

Depends on the work, I have to pays bill like everyone else and i do work for a living, but the band that asked me to do th videos, got me thinking.  I am looking at £40 for promo, depends on the negotiation :)

For £30 month, I will do the promotion for a band. This is online only. This is not finding gigs, unless social Media brings in requests of that nature, which could happen. We all know things are that random. For the time I have been doing net radio, interviewing, meeting, talking to musicians, I know the score. ( Again, depends on negotiation

I have had donations from musicians in the past, for helping them out.

I am not into putting packages together as every bands is totally different
To get in touch djreadmanuk@gmail.com

Thankyou for reading

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Filming guests

Up until a few years ago, I did not bother filming guests on the radio. The first time we filmed a whole performance with a phone was Dog Food in 2012. With that, we overdubbed with the radio broadcast audio.  Now there two options with the very nice compact camera we use.  
As many people know, there are loads of people uploading video from iphone, with dire audio. As soon as the bass hits, you can't hear anything. With this camera we have, you get none of that, which was a relief.  The camera we have, records in AVI and plays back the same. It has best microphone pick up i have ever come across. Although its filmed in AVI, its uploaded to YouTube in Windows Media Audio format, due to time, although the quality is good. We can uploading in HD, but that takes a very long time.  Most sessions are recorded as seperate songs. but we can leave the camera running

This year, i have filmed guests, including, Blackdoghat, John Cee Stannard, Silverspark and Baleve.  In most cases the quality is good enough for a release, if the bands chooses to. I also film gigs i go to, which includes the footage from the Flapper in Birmingham in August 2013, in, Among the Echos and the Punk band, Drag.
Musicians want a certain amount of quality and uptil we got the camera, even the smartphone are not capable, unless, as said above, the audio was overdubbed.

Over time I have developed faster ways of doing things. When I go back with footage I record the audio from the film for future radio broadcast.  As above, to save time in upload video, which takes the longest time. It's Window Media Video.   I don't get paid for doing this bit if the band want the Avi upload in Hd, there is a fee as upload takes time and power.

Filming schedule
19th October, selected song from all three acts will be recorded, of all, depending on set lengths
26th October. special guest,Jonny Cooke, will be joining us live. This is broadcast from, General Foods Social Club, Banbury 
November Silverspark are in Banbury, live at the musketeers but for the first time in full band forma

Want to be filmed and possible broadcast on radio from a gig or be a guest?min

Monday, 23 September 2013

Moving forward

As many people know, its not easy to get a work, with a sustainable income. It does come, but its a long process.

Last weekend, i began delivering with Gentlevan Removals at the weekend. We took a bed to village outside Banbury.  I was prepared for more work like this.  The only problem is, you do not know which day or how busy it is going to be. The gardening side has been slowing due to lack of transport to areas over a 3 miles radias

I was prepared to deliver more, when all of a sudden on, Sunday, i got a Facebook pm from the Ian Short who ownslocal imported sweet shop, Sugarush. He had looked back though this messages and saw my C.V.
I went down to the shop to see what he wanted?  It was not really an interview, more of a chat. This is what i had been wanting for some time, working in a shop.
From when i stepped in i got the impression, he hired me right there and then
We had a talk for about an hour about the general trade and the run of the shop. Wednesday (September 25th) i will be working 3 full days a week at the shop

I love gardening and general labouring, out in the open. The issue, aside or lack of wheeled transport to take me longer distances, is its not a steady flow of income. I thought it was going to be, but after a while, you realise its not
Working at Sugarush, is the next step and a good job.  It's, not for from home, which is ideal and what i have been wanting. I am prepared to do more with the job. Its an independent, not a chain. so going to help then out where i can

Since this is only three day job, i am still going to fill it the other days with other work. One off gardening, cleaning job or removeals with Gentlevan Removals,  :) if I still wants to hire me

Thankyou for reading

Paul Readman

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

In Show Artists Campaign Promotion

Another spur of the moment idea, turned into an in show promotion
Whether you started a funding project on kickstarter, Indie a go go or other websites, this is for you.
Many musicians for whatever reason, go to these sites, uploading options to buy various items or funding towards items, though the public support. In some cases, it also shows how popular a band is

The Promotion

From October 2013 over a month (per artist) at 8.30pm on Monday shows, unless someone requests the audio, the you get more time ( Are not played when we have a guest show) we will play rough songs or whatever is available, from the artist, to give you an idea of what the sound will be like. It could be just acoustic recordings, it could be acapella, any audio, to promote the campaign the musician, band, group, artist has. The audio from this, the musician can have for their profile or whatever they want to to do it

What i get out of it

I like promoting, playing, plugging, hearing fresh music and getting the music.  Musicians may get Facebook liks, an extra campaign funding, who knows, nothing is guaranteed, but it is possible.
If the musicians want to donate something, then they can, but its entirely upto the individual

What artist gets
This is radio campaign( If you want to call it that),The broadcasts are live every week and the day after that the full as broadcast show, is then a podcast, and uploaded.
Any artwork or artists face can appear on the show flyers. The flyer is always on the Facebook event and used as a the podcast flyer... the general drill :)

Thankyou for reading
To contact us, you can reply to this blog or