Thursday, 14 November 2013

November Open Show Promotion artist: Gretas Bakery

Fantastic, Pop Jazz trio from America/ Italy.
The trio contacted me last year with their album, Edge of Everything. The sound reminded me instantly of 80s pop jazz act, Swing Out Sister, who have more of a pop jazz undercurrent

Gretas Bakery return in 2013 with another stunning album, Under Control. Again just incredible Pop Jazz sound, and just have a sound and style that is second to none. Gretas singing, is just spellbinding and the music, is just great to listen to.

They sent me the album to see what i thought. To be honest, very few bands can send music to me and i know i am going to hear quality before i have even pressed play.

For November, they are the open show Promotion artist

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Dj Readman

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