Saturday, 2 November 2013

Somewhere to live

New update January 2014
The new year is upon us.  With Christmas and gig expenses out the way, i have now the money to move.
For the basics. Read below

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Friday 30th October,  after work, i viewed a flat for the first time. Very nice, studio style, with kitchen and seperate bedroom area.
I have been looking everywhere for a one bedroom flat. Depends on the space and the age, it is getting expensive. Since i began looking over a year as my job opportunities were a little random, prices were creeping up.  The average price for a 1 bedroom flat is about £500 and up, depending on location
I want to move out, have wanted to for many years, but never had the money and going through the local council in the modern climate is just impossible. All the companies that are on their list, can't go direct, which is really irritating. It should be a lot easier than this to have choice and where to go to for possible cheap accommodation.

I work part time, i garden and in a coverband too boost funds. The money is enough for basic one bedroom flat. I have not asking for much, just kitchen, bed, internet connection and an en suit. The prices are just ridiculous.

Many companies and landlords are only in it for the money and really push the rent and the deposit to the limit. A one bedroom that should only be around £450, thats fine. But £500 and upwards, just profit seeking. From landlords i have spoken to and one recently, i know that some just want to make as much money as possible. It really depends if landlords can be bothered to maintain the property. Some row of houses i have seen are just left rot with people in them. I know people who live in houses, who have the same problems with landlord.  When you hire out rooms you have a responsibility to maintain the property. Its like buying a car, you don't let it rust up do you?? so why would you have a flat our house? Some tenants are not perfect either, i have heard some stories, but a lot of the time, landlords have a lot of explaining to do

Going back to finding a place. I want a place to live, its not asking much at all. Freedom in your own place, everyone wants that. You either pay a fee, with all bills includes or a monthly fee no bills included

If you have a one bedroom flat in the Banbury area with a room big enough for a large bed( I like to have room, an ensuit( Not shared), either electric or gas(Depends on the proerty and all bills included for £400- £450 a month, you have a deal. It has to be within reasonable walking distance of the town center

Thankyou for reading
Paul Readman
flat seeker or house

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