Sunday, 6 October 2013

(Album review) Ann Scott - Venus to the Sky

Joy and Stripes are just two of the songs on this fantastic album, that arrived in the mail, out of the Blue.
It did not take me long to get blown away by this well crafted masterpiece.  I am continuously playing this, which is rare for me, because 8 times out of ten i don't
Venus to the Sky was recording in California and Ireland on various session, and its seemless. This album is only 36 minutes long but the album is just a pleasure to listen it.

This is her third album to date and being released on October 18th.  This is a solo outing, regarding her singing and at first you think its only an Acoustic based album, then it springs to life. I was amazed at what i was hearing. I picked out Joy and Stripes for the great basslines.
It gives you impression that there are half a dozen musicians in a big room, recording together. The production has an orchestral feel, a little like how Muse or Kate Bush do their recordings.  From Hoola to Stars its just a joy to listen to, it really is. The only comparious i would say is Ann is the female version of Nick Cave, i get the same feeling from both
I highly rate this for a great creative work, depth, beauty, quality and just great atmosphere and Ann Scott, haunting and sometimes ghostly singing style

Video i found of Ann Scott

Only two works. "Just incredible"  Dj Readman   Radio Variety Show
This is why i do radio shows to listen to broadcast this kind of music

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Her Facebook
Bandcamp( Album not available yet)

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