Saturday, 12 October 2013

Naked Lunch Unfrozen

First, there was their CD ep, Frozen, which is a compilation of tunes they released in the 80s. The CD was made for the gig, Reproduction 13, in London to sell only and limit to 100 copies.  Then they carried this over on bandcamp with the digital until they run out of the CD. This was the stepping stone and set the foundations for future releases

Here they come...., unfrozen, ready to take the world on, with........
The first monster to be unleached was, Alone, which is completely brand new tune from the band. This is the first song with introducties new member, Jet Noir.  This is a fine piece of work.  Very dark dark tones, like your swirling around in a void, not knowing where you are. This is helped with the ghostly voices by Tony Mayo and Jet Noir.  One reason i like this song, is it has a few hidden layers.  I have heard it on a 4 speaker car system, on home speakers and headphone and you in a sense get a slightly different song every time

The next song is Slipping, Again, again, is a rerecording of the original.  Slipping again.  They have taken the original, kept the original spirit of the song, with the same beat with additional elements.  The major change is taking all the elements with modern computer technology and adding additional the synth layers. I like running synth frequency( Whatever you call it) Makes it sound like the pace is building and about half way.  The original was quiet poppy,  which is reflected in the rerecording.  The song in general is more upbeat but keeping the trance tone..

The next Level
With various remixes and outstanding remix of Glow by, Technomancer and a 7 minutes beast of a dance tune We Are 

9th January you will be able to hear a live interview on my show with Jet Noir and own of, Subculture, records, Per Aksel Lundgreen. 

Beyond Planets
For the first time in roughly 30 years, Naked Lunch release a new album into the mass population. They have worked Tireless, including a few single released, Alone, Slipping Again, Again, Glow and We Are, to give you a taster
February release
This blog will be updated as we get more news when we go more

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