Sunday, 13 October 2013

Once a month broadcasting location

New Broadcasting Location Needed

To move the "Variety Show" forward we are no longer using the small studio for live guests.
Since, August 2013, we moved to General Foods for live in house performances. This is not far from where we live.  The only downside with GF it gets cold especially in winter and it's now time to move location.
I don't expect people to move mountains, athought to broadcast the show just the end of the month, we need free space

What we provide
The shows are net broadcast.  Every guest show has an individual poster for the show, that will have venue information and logo. There is a general poster used for the normal weekly shows (Normally Monday and Thursday evenings 8-10pm), for which the logo will be displayed.  Every live broadcast, we will plug the venue and the podcast, which is the recordin of the live broadcast is uploaded the next day( Below is the October guest and example of poster)

Every guest is filmed with an avi quality camera and audio is fantastic as well, which is a major part of what we do when we have guests.. We can do more vlogging in relation to the venue and the performance with interview on screen.  Any other events that are going on at the venue we can audio and visually plug.  This can be added to the filming or seperate video.  If the venue owner wants to have a video or audio interview(Or both) either before we start using space or want to enjoy the  broadcast themselves, they can do that as well

The broadcast
Every broadcast is two hour long. This is combination of performing, chat and prerecordings artists songs.
The radio show is audio based. It is streamed on Music World Radio. After the live broadcast, the performance is seperated and saved for future broadcast. The whole unedited show then goes up on Mixcloud and promoted on this site, Facebook, my blog and Twitter
What we need
Suprisingly, not much.  All we need is the space for upto four people with equipment. This would compare to say, half the space of the Millers bar at the mill.  (GF rehearsal room is not that big and can take a four piece band easily)  Aside from space, just a couple of powerpoints and chairs, thats it (Chairs without arms due to guitarists playing), thats it. We provide our own net connection. If wifi is available, that's a bonus as a backup :)

It does not matter where the venue is in town, we are greatful for the space. Its could be a spare office, hall, pub, small room in a club, or at the back of an empty property or hotel room for that matter

If it comes down to paying outright, this will only come through donations. If no donations come through, i have a maximum budget of  £10 for 3 hours. The show is 2 hours and time before and after to set up and leave the premises. I am on monthly pay, so thats my maximum.
Below are the guests we i have so far and who is coming up

Booking donations

Thankyou for your continued support :)

Dj Readman
 Radio Variety Show
Supporting the quality music locally and around the world

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