Saturday, 5 October 2013

Band promotion ( Music Promo/ online promo)

To Utilise my online time
I have been asked many times to manage bands or to do more promotion. i have been ask " How much do you want for your time" i have always been thrown
I  realised recently, since i am on the net a lot and need extra funds, then this is the way to go.

Music Promo
My own work, led me to being asked to do two promo videos. My Weekly Preview video, i changed to music video "Montage style" and caught someones attention as i used footage i had shot of them live
Footage used is bands, fan footage, ( Only landscape mode) and public domain. I try and keep the colour as even as possible, unless the mixture of black and White and colour, is no issue

Online Promotion
Many bands, just have no time to sort out social media profile. From recording my own music and promoting voting, I released, it takes a lot of hours.  Musicians do not realise the man hours it takes to keep profiles updated and the world knowing who you are. Other than social media, there is a band website, sending music to stations and any voting that needs to be updated and so on.

Depends on the work, I have to pays bill like everyone else and i do work for a living, but the band that asked me to do th videos, got me thinking.  I am looking at £40 for promo, depends on the negotiation :)

For £30 month, I will do the promotion for a band. This is online only. This is not finding gigs, unless social Media brings in requests of that nature, which could happen. We all know things are that random. For the time I have been doing net radio, interviewing, meeting, talking to musicians, I know the score. ( Again, depends on negotiation

I have had donations from musicians in the past, for helping them out.

I am not into putting packages together as every bands is totally different
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