Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Commercial Radio Nightmare

*Before you read on, this does not leaning towards, Horton radio.  Yes, they play commercial music, but they are charity based, do a lot for children and do some fine work in the community*

Update February 2014

One station i had forgot about is, Jack Fm, which is, Oxford based. For whatever reason the signal is weak, so i turned to my ipad. Low and behold, Tunein has it listed

Never heard it before, but after a month of listen, i was suprises at how well the playlist is planned. About 95% is non chart, indents are hilarious and thoughout the day, besides the two presenters on the newa and Sport, Its pretty much automated.
There is a Breakfast show and there are adds, but their playlist is fantastic.
I am no longer going to listen to the Tellietubie playlist of the others. Aside from Absolute radio, all other stations seem to hang onto theie 12 year old audience

Update(October 17th)

I took my pad to work and tethered my phone. I was going to download the, Absolute Radio app, but there is not a direct AR app as far as I can tell. I tried searching on the Tunein app. Low and behold, they are listed. I then had that played for most of my working day and yes, the playlist is not bad.
AR have a non repeat policy, whether that means just per show or the whole day, i am not sure. In general the music they broadcast is above average. They play adds and have new, which is mainly, London, based, but is enjoyable I have to say
Banbury and Heart fm, wake up, your shit compared to Absolute Radio

Original blog
I love music, always have done. Some music leaves me with great feelings and warmth, and other music, leave me cold.  Since i started my part time job two weeks ago, i have been listening to two stations, Banbury Sound and Heart FM. Found out, its the only two i can get.

I used to like listening to the radio, but now, its just filled of the top 40 that is mainly x factor driven, over produced teenpop. Not one song sounds different. Its dire, boring and really, i can't stand listening to it when i am at work.

I like commercial pop, many unsigned acts are pop, which i like. I have been presenting on internet radio for over five years on Music World Radio,  you just get some idea of the quality out there and i do the best i can do broadcast quality. For some reason, commercial radio, plays all the music that 12 year olds buy and these days its mainly downloads. Thats not the whole market, excuse me.
I have been on Youtube and had a look at the top 40 rundown. what has happened to it?. I like many sounds and grew up on loads of things.  Modern radio i am sorry to say is really bad.  Until you listen to it for a few hours, you have no idea.

I am not the only one who does not like the constant repeat of songs, the Lady Ga Ga that makes you brain go numb, that everyone seems to copy, and thats every 5-6 songs. Many commercial station are based round a 400 song network as i understand, which is manly the top 40 or technically top 100, if that still exists, well it used. *Got an image of a Smash its magazine in my head looking at the top 100

I remember going to a radio station listeners panel a few years ago.  Banbury Sound invited several people to attend. We all had our say and really, IMPROVE, the music.  Well, they didn't seem to care what the public say and think they know best.  Even thought is their audience is the public, six months later, they sold Banbury Sound. Aparantly, they said, a year a head, they weren't going to loose money. No one knows that far a head. not even a radio station.  Also Heart bought out, Fox FM, for the reason i have forgotten. If i remember correcting, Heart is based in Reading?

I compare commercial radio to football. Something is holding back stations so they don't broaden the music.  Sky has say over matches played, when they start and so on. This is because the plough millions into it, which in a way makes sense. It seems to me that if the top 100 is not played on a loop, they get shut down, thats the impression i get.

The consolation out of this radio nightmare is, Absolute Radio.  I have never listened to this station, until recently.  The playlist is not bad. Its not brilliant, but not bad either. When i managed to squeeze it out of the radio, as i can only get the station on Medium Wav and it sounds like its underwater,, i was listening to a string of good songs.

Seriously, if i was offered to broadcast the top 40,  i wouldn't. i would ask them for another show to play the music i receive. From what i have heard over the last few years, with the combination of singing and production, you could fill the top on a regular basis.  You just don't as 99% of the station, are too scared??I have no idea what the issues are, but there must be one or more.
I know for act people like the music i play and promoters send me. I am regular contact with bands promoters and members of bands. I have interviewed bands, people booked to perform. I love it and so do they and they appreciate the support.
This is what really gets me about commercial fm radio.  I get great feedback all the time, Facebook reactions and even people buying the music. I have had more than one listener say two things. that like the live interaction and they like the fact i don't talk over songs, which i can't stand anyway.
I keep up with technology with the introduction of listening through an app. Many people in other countries listen to my shows through Tune in Radio.

I seriously, would not have an issue with music on FM station, if the miusic was more varied. They say it is, but its not.  The other point i would to make is the fact that, Banbury Sound act like they are a Banbury Station. If many people don't realise, they play no local music, and are not in the same county.  It should be called Warwickshire sound with Banbury weather, thats all it is.  Its one big smoke screen

For some reason, the real top 40 has gone unsigned and underground, bring it back to the surfice

Thankyou for reading

Dj Readman


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