Sunday, 6 October 2013


Baleve is the word and also " Baleve in them, as they taken themselves through a national open Mic competition.
Adam Bunting and Jamie started this year under the name after meeting and seeing if their styles worked together through jamming.
Adam himself, is well know in the area for his great guitar skills and song writing.  Jay is not exactly unknown but not many people know him for a singing ability, which he can as well as being a lyrcist.
The two have been together a while and i first found about about their efforts on Facebook. They have a music on their Soundcloud page, which at the start, was just experiments and jamming, which many people do.  A while after i went back and found there were songs on there. To my astonishment there are well crafted songs. Very commercial in sound and can easy be indie to accessable chart hits.  Adams fathers, who has been in the music business for many years, took the songs and add his touch, including backing vocals on the one of songs.
I admit i was suprised at the quality of the songs. how catchy they were and the fact that both guys sing, Jay does to some lyric flow work, buts its mainly singing, which, yes, many might be suprised to hear
I have known Adam for a few years, he had jammed with us a few times, with the band i was in, The Doolallays and a few weeks ago i was chatting to him about the music in town.
Sunday 29th September, the guys appeared on the Variety Show for a two hour special. This was the weekend before their appearance at the Birmingham NEC( Last night 5th, October)
They performed three songs, Never Let me down, Everything( In the middle) and a Enieum cover, Hayleys song.  We had a chat, inbetween songs and their performance and captured part of the interview on film.
I wish these guys every success with this, as the songwriting and singing, really works here. They have worked hard to get to this point, which in some cases sets the stannard for any local acts trying to break out somewhere

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Open Mic competition

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