Monday, 7 October 2013


Do you have rush for sugar, so doc I, well sometimes. It turns I now work in the Banbury branch of Sugarush Imports.  Although it does not say, Imports , on the outside of the shop, that's their speciality.

They sell, American, Australian, sweet and sour flavours. From penny sweets, Cereals and Peanut butter.
I began work there 3 day a week, two weeks ago.  Getting to know the customers and settings on.

I am glad I have a safable job, which is all day, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

I am suprised how busy they are in term of what people buy. I am glad the business is going well and obviously there is a market for imports.

Although I am known for my music, this does not effect my radio shows. The day of the show may move every no and again, but mainly. Monday and Thursday.  I have been doing radio too long, just to stop.

I still do gardening work and selling records to make for the lack of cash until the monthly pay packet hits

There will be pictures soon

Dj Readman
Part time at Sugarush

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