Friday, 6 December 2013

Wav music files are the industry stanndard

Probably many people, like myself, have just sold my vinyl collection for whatever reason. Not because i am going to mp3 or CD, but because i have no space at the moment.
After some deliberation, i am from 2014 buying Wav files, until i get a record player and buying vinyl again and gain more space

To Liberate Wav files
Ever since it was possible, practically every musician if they have the means,  recorded music to the wav format. The wav format was introduced in the 70s after digital recording became possible. This is the only uncompressed digital format that is used most of the time, unless it is Flac. Both are used to get vinyl and CDs pressed
In fact, if you buy a wav file, you are getting vinyl in digital form. Even CDs are compressed. Not as much as mp3s, but the music is still squeezed

Lets give you a comparison
Music is Like films, there are widescreen and Pan and Scan versions. Wav is the widescreen of music, giving you the full, recorded song, Mp3s are the pan and scan, cuts about 40% of the song out, kind of squeezed into a cube.

As a music fan
I love quality in sound and i loave compressed music.  Even when CDs were first released on to the market, i couldn't stand them. Everyone went crazy, and i thought, why, just because they are not 12" and crackling? why would anyone buy compressed music??  Then, of course, years later, the second, more compressed format come along, Mp3s. Again, even more compressed than CDs and this time, digital. I just think that quality is being compromised by compressed music and mass distribution

Music industry ingnorance

I did find out this week(When i am posting this), that national chart sales only register mp3 files for sales with digital formats. Wav files are not included due to the fact Wav files are not "tagged' with song information. I am was pretty horrified to learn this. The files can be played on computers so why does the music industry ignore them?

Mp3 have their place

Don't get me wrong, they have their place and will be around for years to come. The other issue i have with this format, is the quality can be manipulated.  Mp3 are the only music format you can change the bitrate after its been produced. You can go as tiny as you like, but mainy from 96k ,which sounds utter rubbish, upto to 320k, which is the highest quality, near to Wav, but still compressed.  MP3s are good for promotion, radio play and e-mail transfer.

The music industry
Aside from independent music labels like Metalheadz and Mute, who i respect and sign quality acts, I just cant understand this easy pick up and run with fasination with the mp3 format. I would assume, many musicians do not like the music being squashed as it really does not properly represent what they have recorded. Some are fine and think it is the future, which is fair enough.
Vinyl has really come to life over the last few years and is the best format in the world. Real music lovers, like myself, do not like compressed music. Many like to put on a record and listen to the artists on decent speakers. On the move, yes, compressed music is used, fair enough, mp3 is mobile format, but never dismiss any format that is good for the market

Thankyou for reading and hope it peeks your interest

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