Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Technicals, the stereo mix

Oh lord, the technicals of gadgets....

Two weeks ago, i bought a new laptop, with windows 8 on. I thought, great, new shiny laptop, will have no problems, right......erm, wrong.

Stereo mix
To broadcast and to do various recordings from different sources, you need a stereo mix driver.  This, in a way, opens your soundcard, so your laptop can record sounds from your decktop( Your own stuff, obviously). Say, you have a video and you can't record the sound? The driver allows you ,with software you have, to capture audio, while it is running.
The other use for this, is broadcasting.  This is the main issue.  Again, this opens up your soundcard, so you can broadcast music from your hard drive and use your microphone at the same time

For some reason, Windows 8 has major issue with two drivers i found. One comes up error and the other just disappears when its supposed to be installed.  Believe me, i went everywhere to try and find the information

It took me a week and still no joy

There is always an alternative to broadcast a radio show. I used to broadcast in a DJ format, mixing and using two record decks. Then it went to mp3s. Well i reverted back to not using my hard drive a music source. Instead, i used a CD player for CDs and my ipad for mp3s. bingo.  I got a comment from one DJ saying, he had never done that before...er, why not, everyone used to do it and its very good for a backup if anything does go wrong

The good old days of windows 7

In a way i regret selling my Acer. At the time of buying it new,  downloading the stereo driver was far smoother and it worked. I now want to go back to windows 7, download the stereo driver and get on with what i was doing

Now everyone needs a stereo driver, but for many things it is very handy driver to have

Problem solved
I finally discovered it was not Windows 8 that was the issue, it was the Toshiba make of laptop. Its a bit like a phone with Android operating system but on a phone made by Samsung, you have two layers of software working together. On this occasion and for the first time in about 15 years, i had a problem with a make of laptop. To that end, i went out and bought a second hand Acer from someone on Gumtree with Windows 7. What a relief, i was like a kid in candy store
The broadcasts are back to normal, the software works, plays more than format of music. Another great addition is the fact that the music playing appears on the station "Now Playing" section of the website

Thankyou, whoever you are for reading this. Very rarely do i get a sticking problem with a laptop. There are sometimes niggles a long the way, everyone gets them. There are loads of sources of course to get information, one thing i like about the internet

Dj Readman
Radio Variety Show

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