Monday, 23 December 2013

2013 was the year that was part one. General subject

Three main things happens in 2013

Radio guests and going to gigs

I had many guests down this year. From Blackdoghat, Silverspark, John Cee Stannard and for the first time in many years, two Drum & Bass Djs, 2tone and Twist.
The artist which has had the most attention on Youtube, was been Johnny Cooke. Great performance and returning in 2014.
Went to loads of gigs this year, mainly in Birmingham. Originally, this was my wife, winning tickets to see Among the Echoes at the 02. We wanted to see Johnny Normal, who i interviewed this year with Psycho Pete, and band, Elmo Sexwhistle. That was the first gig.  We went a few more times in different venues in Birmingham and the last one of the year was in London, for the Shiny Darkness album Launch.
These kind of went hand in hand with the radio shows. Getting tickets and buying merchandise and seeing bands live, that i had played on the radio

Got a job
I was cleaning, then gardening (Still going when i get odd jobs), then began with a removal fiirm which was on a Sunday morning. The trouble with these three above, there was no guarantee of sustained work.  Then on the same day as the removal job, i got asked by Ian Short, who runs, Sugarush sweet shop in Banbury ( Town i live), if i wanted employment. I said yes. I went down the next day and i started two days later. That was end of September.

In a band

Being with musicans can be random. I was with the Doolallays for 3 years, but that just died after everyone literally went their seperate ways. The drummer got tired of the time, i was taking and we decided to try and put a band together.  That did happened, but was one jam and the guitarist that come, down was doing so many other things band wise, it was just not possible in the end.
Carl said about,a cover band he was the drummer of and they wanted a bass player. The Projectiles, had been going four years with different musicians. They were founded by local guitar tutor, Stev and i have know him for sometime and through other people.
After the first practice, we were both suprised, how we linked the band together. Me and Carl had played together many times and i think Stev was suprised
I am now the official bass player of The Projectiles.
I am the first to admit i not a big covers fan. I have always said that. I like hearing covers when done right  or a certain song and some i wouldnt have minded playing myself. This band is a fun pub band and music is a very strange universe to be in. It could take you in all sorts of directions. Being in a band i love being in and we have a gig already. As Madness onces said "One Step Beyond"

The fourth part and the bonus, moving

This has taken a number of years to get round to. The reason for this is one basic factor, money. Never had the money to move and i have aways wanted my own money or make money to move.  Either one bedroom flat or a share property with an en suit. 2014, i am moving out of my parents house after 40 years. Seems a long time, but in this climate, things move a lot slower and prices are just crazy
Obviously the radio shows are coming with us.  That might change, depending on fanancies as living take more money, paying bills and things. Moving is more important, but we will wait and see.

This part one, more to come, music wise :)

Dj Readman  
Radio Variety Show

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