Tuesday, 7 August 2012

4 years of streaming on Mwrs 5th Anniversary

When i began net broadcasting as FM broadcast is tough to get into( No idea how the choose presenters) although, that would be a dream to hit FM,  the net broadcasts i have been working on as a presenter since 2006.  I started as mix DJ when the station is my shop closed down, that was a little of both.
Jumping ahead to 2008 after being on a couple of dnb stations, which was restricting me on decks.  I wanted to spin more than dance and drum & bass, as i liked more than what i was playing and wanted to play it, but could not.
Then in that golden year, 2008, i struck gold after only a week of searching.  I found Music World Radio.  It literally had just changed about or 6 months before i joined, from Olympus Radio, to Music World Radio.  This is known as, Free form radio, although i did not know the term at the time. I wanted to emulate John Peel, who i got the bug from and the music he played.  My philosophy of radio broadcast as not really changed.  I see it as entertainment without a TV screen. I started out on mwr on decks but then the mixture of formats become more aparant. Gradually i went MP3 only, which makes it easier broadcasting wise, although i love vinyl, always will.  I have had the pleasure of broadcasting LIVE interviews and performances with pop, dance and Rock performers i could not have done with the previous stations i was on.

Music World Radio as just celebrated 5 years of net broadcast, what an achievement.  Not many station last that long.  I heard people say overtime, i am going to set up a station.   At one point i was going to do that and i was going to help someone out but that went flat.  Running a radio station is not what you think. Setting one up is simple, getting people to know you are there, holding listeners, keeping hold of presenters, managing it all, is another thing entirely.  If you want to make money out of it, you only can go certain ways... If its only for money, don't bother. If you love your music and want to try and make money, thats ok as stations with the right strategy can make money.

Want to broadcast on Music World Radio, whether you are are mix Dj or free from DJ, then by all means. I help out mwr where i can. I help collect nominations for the chart and i look around the social media when i have time.  I am commited to mwr. If i get a paid radio position, i will still remember everyone, but how likely is that,lol

Want to send me submissions you can
My music website is here


To apply to music world radio Magick@musicworldradio.com

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