Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Possible function room for live radio shows

For a very long time, i have been trying to move radio shows out of the house
Today i went to see the Manager at Banburys Old Auctioneer the bar down Parson Street in Banbury which has been in business for well over a year now.
I talked to the manager about using their free function room for radio shows.
One of the main reasons is for live guests. At the moment its two people maximum. People do not mind skype, but to be honest, people in the same room is better

I gave him the outlay of what it is. The room is over twice the size of the room i currently use and they have wifi. The only two rules for the show at the Old Auctioneer is i am staying with the live acoustic format with live performances and that you buy the odd drink from the bar, which was pointed out by the assistant manger,  but i don't think anyone minds

With the room, its small section of the dinning area they have.  I can only do this on Fridays and Saturdays.
I showed the manager footage from, Silverspark, as its possible any bands that come along could possibly get booked.  Like with Silverspark the performed for about 20 minute, with some songs left for full band, which is fair enough

To give you an idea of space, this is the blog i created for Silversparks visit. It gives you an idea of the space needed

Anyone else sees this and can offer free space, i have no problem plugging the venue. I do Facebook event for the shows and get banner for the least its some publicity, least i can do

The two possible bands i mentioned to him are Aggravated, who can performance acoustic, as they have been on Skype before and Blackdoghat, which is in the wings at the moment

Dj Readman - Radio Variety Show

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