Monday, 5 May 2014

The New HQ Waaaaahooooo

Taking Shape
As per my previous blog, i have moved to a flat in the same town Link to blog 

No broadband
It turns out that getting the, Sky Router, is taking longer than expected.  I have my phone, and thanks to the io7 update (I think), , I can tether via wifi, not the battery zapping, Bluetooth, which I have never liked, for net connection.

General Radio Variety Show Content

This, of course, continues. I love broadcasting and uploading videos. This, of course, takes time and money. Broadband and electric are the main money squeezers.  
For the moment, I have reduced my radio shows to once a week, mainly on Monday or a Wednesday.
The video content at the moment, is the, Sunday Vlog series.  This is slowly growing through Twitter promotion. YouTube, as yet to roll out the new subscriber update system on YouTube pages 100% 
The radio and video content, will always be a hobbie and it does not generate money.  If it did, it would be sustainable and would put more time in. As it stands it does not.

I have just moved and I am tired with moving stuff in and sorting it out. Good job I had three days off work with the, Mayday weekend

I know I have not moved before. but seriously, I thought getting furniture would be easier. I am still sleeping on a Matress, after not finding a metal frame for the bed. And due to the very narrow staircase , I found out after trying to get a sofa to the flat, it will have to be a flat pack. 

Flat warming gifts
Anyone that has a kings size metal frame bed and a, built from flatpack, two seater sofa, then contact us via this vlog. That's the only two pieces of furniture, that are, for some reason, being a mission, to get hold of. Although I work, I have a tight budget and not much time in the day.   I like recycling so I am prepared to exchange the above for loads of CDS. Needs must

Thankyou for reading my vlogs. 
There will be more music related to come, after I have settled in. What being said, it serious needs a sofa, it's oddly strange without one

Dj Readman at the new HQ
For non furniture content, which, live broadcast and podcasts and performing bands and radio guests On my, Youtube channel

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